Where to find energy efficient GU10 bulbs in Canada?
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Where can I find GU10 compact fluorescent bulbs in Canada/US? I've found these bulbs overseas at sites like this one but can't find a source for these in Canada/US. I'm located in Winnipeg (central Canada), so any Canadian vendors would be ideal, shipping to Canada from the US would be second best.
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Have you checked Canadian Tire. They actually have a whole 'going green' website.
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Response by poster: @chunking:
I did check their site and didn't find any. Also called the store and no luck either.
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Response by poster: I just called Rona and the guy said they carry them. 11W (equivalent to 50W) - $5.99 each or 3 for $11.99 I believe.

Will check it out and confirm.
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I've had great experiences with Paul Wolf Electric here in Toronto.
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Response by poster: The Rona did have the bulbs, but that is apparently only half the battle. The CFL versions of these bulbs have a much bigger base than the halogen versions, making them too big to fit into many sockets designed for GU10 bulbs.

I bought one and it doesn't fit into any of my 4 different sockets at home. It will likely fit into the small potlights I have if I cut away the metal heat shield that is on their now. These CFL bulbs have their own heat sheild, and also produce only a fraction of the heat that the halogens do.

So now my dilemma is: do i get out the tinsnips and start removing heat shields? I wish these bulbs just fit.

$6 for one, $18 for a pack of 3.
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