Help! I broke my glasses!!
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(eyeglassfilter) my frames broke in half! Where can I find low cost replacements to put my lenses into?

I have a pair of Marchon Flexon 618 frames that broke at the bridge (can't be repaired). The lenses are fine but I don't want to spend $100 on new frames if they can be had for cheaper. They are the 51/20/140 size and I've found some available but all are around $100. Surely there must be a cheaper source or a compatible frame for this lens shape, no?

They don't have to be flexible frames, as long as they fit my lenses.
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When I was really broke I got frames from the drugstore - you know those drugstore magnifying glasses? And just got them filled with lenses. They were as durable, actually more durable, than the 100+ $ frames I have owned.

I don't know if you can find the right shape there, but you can't beat the price.
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Here's a blog post about buying cheap frames: "Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers"
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This popular blog post will get you started on finding decent stores selling glasses online. I'm assuming you can buy frames without lenses, so it might be worth a look. They appear to be much, much cheaper than traditional stores.
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Jinx, ourobouros!
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I think we have two winners here!

Thanks folks, this is exactly what I was hoping to find!
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duct tape works wonders for glasses and warts.
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I got a very good deal recently on Ebay...there's no end of people selling new frames of all shapes and sizes. The ones I got are Prada, very solid and good quality - I think they were about $80 from a woman in Brooklyn.
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I read that blog a while ago, and got my glasses from Zenni. I was very pleased - I've had compliments on the glasses. Now my mother-in-law, who knows a bargain when she sees one, is getting a pair from Zenni.
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Oh, they coast $39.
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coast = cost
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coast = cost

so true...
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FYI, the blog post mentioned spun off into an entirely new blog that goes over all the ins and outs of ordering glasses online.
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I recently bought a pair from goggles4u. Total cost $27 US. They are working out great - the frames are not as perfect as from the optical shop (the lenses are great) but at less than 10% of the price - I can live with that! I soon will be buying several more pairs as the tinting is free (for sunglasses)

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Are you sure they can't be repaired? Look in the phone book for eyeglass repair by someone who does laser welding on metal frames. A frame shop should also be able to give you a referral. They can do amazing things that weren't possible a few years ago.
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Cheapest: duct tape.

Cheapest easy thing to do: Wal-Mart.
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yeah...what JackFlash said. Are you *sure* they can't be repaired? Ask more than one shop.

I was in a motorcycle accident and my Rapp frames were really mangled. My regular optical shop actually laughed and said they couldn't be fixed. I took them to another shop that deals with lots of vintage frames so they know how to do repairs... It took $75 and 3 days to turn the twisted mess back into glasses, but I still have them and they're fine.

You *might* be able to get the edges of your lenses honed to fit a different frame. But that depends on what they're made of, the shape they are already, and the shape of the new frame. Talk to your optician, they'll figure it out for you.
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