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What are the best (free) online exercises to prepare for the GRE?

I'm looking specifically for flash or web based exercises that are designed to build vocabulary for the verbal section of the GRE test. I'm not looking for word lists--there are plenty of those widely available--but rather I want something that I can do in my spare time, like a game type of thing. Something that will help build my vocab and not bore me to tears.

Online flashcard type of stuff, or whatever. Any ideas?? I haven't found much, as Googling for it brings up mostly commercial dross.
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The best free online GRE site I found was MyGRE Tutor. They have tutorials for each section (verbal, math, and writing), online "flashcards," and three full-length computer adaptive practice tests. I actually found that my final GRE score was closest to what I got at that site, compared to Kaplan, Powerprep, or anything else. And, it's totally free.

I do remember finding a few typos in questions, but if you overlook that the content is great.
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when i studied for the GRE, i bought a test prep book and never cracked it open. i mostly used this website, which is free and seemed to help me out quite a bit.
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I used I also downloaded some GRE CD-ROM from The Pirate Bay, but I only used that for its practice tests and questions.
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Princeton Review's Cracking the GRE's CD or DVD comes with three tests (06 version did, anyway) and purchase of the book gets you online access to three or four more. These are very good. You can take the verbal portions only if you choose.

Cracking also recommends a study schedule that incorporates another book I purchased, the name of which escapes me.

As someone who recently ~aced the GRE thanks in part to dutiful studying (though taking the test was awful) I have to tell you that understanding the strategies is more important than mass vocab study. You will not likely see a vocab word on the test, and I say that having learned ~200 new words. The essays have a specific rubric I did not find intuitive. The book is a good investment. I hope you're not overlooking it.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I have a few books already, I just wanted some games and other things I can use during downtime at work. Thanks for the answers everyone!
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OK, good on ya!
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