What should I mail to my nephew for Valentine's Day?
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I'd like to mail my 4-year old nephew a cute valentine & would like to include something in the envelope that isn't candy. I'd like there to be

more inside the envelope than just a card. Does anyone have any ideas for inclusions that can be sent easily in an envelope that a 4-year old would love? He wants to be Superman when he grows up, if that helps any.
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Stickers, confetti, flat photo magnets, a hand made drawing, construction paper hearts, pins, cool postcards, a link to a website that you can post stuff to him on?
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my kids are big on tattoos. and dover has tons of tiny $1.50 sticker/stencil/maze books - you can find them at independent craft/gift shops and book stores. (i've never seen them at chain craft stores or B&N.)
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Send a fun comic strip - either snipped out of the paper or printed off the Internet (comics.com has a bunch of strips).

Stickers are always fun.

A fun bookmark & a gift card to a bookstore so he can get a book to learn more about honing his superhero powers.
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Stickers and a Five Spot. It doesn't get any better than that when you're four.
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Scratch and sniff stickers seem to rule the roost in my house. Both of the kids have great fun with them and like to show their friends. I think the favorite right now is this character called "Stinky Cheese Man".
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Stickers, small bills, cheap magnifying "glass" (they make very thin low-quality ones, I've seen some that are basically just transparent plastic strips). Bookmarks. Trading card with favored branded characters if some have hooked marketing talons into him by now (I'm pretty sure that stuff's airborne and uses quantum electron tunneling to pierce all seals). Temporary tattoos.

More elaborate, collaborate with the parents to hide a non-envelope friendly gift somewhere in the house shortly before he receives the card; include in the card a "treasure map" to it.
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I've drawn a blank about what you could send, but I would not give him anything containing Kryptonite.
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If you send confetti, please warn his parents ahead of time. I'm a total slob but I still get annoyed by confetti-filled envelopes.

Craft stores usually have jigsaw puzzle postcards that are pretty easy to put together. Write a message (print and use simple words if he's already a reader), take it apart, put it in an envelope and mail.
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Temporary tattoos are great for that age - many toy stores have them with insects, dinosaurs, etc. Also the mini maze or coloring books were a big hit with my nephew.
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Stickers, stickers, stickers. Stickers. Stickers. Stickers stickers.

mother of a four-year-old
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Stickers. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
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I have a 4 yr old and a 5 year old. Everyone has covered good stuff already, but let me reiterate: NO CONFETTI (or glitter, which is way worse mess-wise).
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a cd?
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How about a packet of confetti soap? Festive, fun and not messy!
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