How to erase high scores in Tetri DX
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How do I erase the high scores in Tetris DX for the GameBoy Color?

I am able to erase the individual profiles, but even after they are deleted the high scores remain.
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It is impossible unless you do something like short out the internal battery.
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Have you tried the in game reset? Press start and select and a and b in the middle of game.
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Yes, I tried the in-game reset. And I know I could just practice but they're all my high scores anyway, and it's just not as fun anymore since they're *so* high!
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You can purchase a repair tool and open the GBC cartridge and remove/or replace the old battery with a new one. Reassemble the game cartridge and it should be restored to the factory original condition.

You can get some good Tetris DX gameplay strategies from these FAQs.

You can also enjoy the history behind Tetris by watching this video.
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There should be a reset in the menus for erasing all save game data. THat includes the high scores. AS there is no battery in DS cartridges (they're solid state I believe) removing a "battery" won't help.
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