What to get a younger guy I don't know well as a thank you gift?
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I'm moving cross-country. My boss's son attempted to help me find a place. He didn't come up with anything, but he tried, so I'd like to get him a thank you gift. But what?

I don't know him very well, so I can't get him anything very personalized. I was leaning toward a nice big box of Godiva, but someone told me that's too feminine. I'm absolutely clueless about wine, so that's pretty much out.

To make it more difficult:
1) Guy's mid-20s, attorney.
2) He currently lives 1400 miles away from me, so it has to be something shippable.
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Where does he live? Regardless, coffee from Zabar's or anything from Zingerman's is always exciting when it shows up on my doorstep.
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These look promising, thanks! Target lives in Chicago, btw.
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You can go to a local wine store and ask them to pick out some nice wine to send out at a certain budget. This is an activity they are used to doing, so don't worry. Coffee is also a very nice gift. Where does this guy live?
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You could try a gift basket, from some place like GiftBaskets.com or similar. It's a little nicer than a gift card, it's gender-neutral, and most guys appreciate a free meal/munchies.
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Also, you might want to try the gift finder on Red Envelope. I love that website, and I've used it for everyone from close friends to people I barely know. They are running a free shipping promotion between now and V-Day - email me for the code (I don't think I should post it here). If he lives in Chicago, where do you live? Could you get him something that is specific to your region, something that might surprise him to have arrive on his doorstep? For instance, if I were to send a thank you gift in a similar situation, I might send Lou to Go, which is a Chicago-style pizza delivered anywhere in the country. Is there anything similarly traditional to your home area?
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Perhaps a gift card ($25-50) for Whole Foods (stores in Chi-town and surrounding area) or similar upscale grocery store.
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Do you feel this is really necessary, to send a gift to someone you don't know who tried to do you a favor but didn't quite manage? I think a thank you card is more appropriate than a tangible or monetary gift.
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Send a card that say "I tried to find you something cool... But it didn't come through.."

or have a bottle of wine sent.
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get him a nice pen
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If the guy has a sense of humor and you're pretty sure he won't take it the wrong way, I think magikker has the right idea:
Send a card that say[sic] "I tried to find you something cool... But it didn't come through.."

Maybe add a little smiley face just to be sure.
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I would avoid "i tried to do something nice for you but i just couldn't manage". The kid went out of his way to take time to search for a place for you to live, don't rub it in his face that he was somehow not able to do so, especially with something as large as a house that requires so much personal taste.

Coffee is nice. Maybe you could find out if he's a NetFlix subscriber and get him a month free ($10-20).
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A hand written thank you note expressing your sincere gratitude for his efforts is the proper course of action.
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I was able to find the right gifts thru their Amazon wish lists. Just doublecheck when they last added the item, so you have an idea. Or better yet, ask them if their wish list is updated.
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i'd send a hand-written thank you card
with a $5 starbucks card inside.

"dear mitch-
thanks so much for your help when i needed to find a place- it was sweet of you and made it me feel better to know that you were on the case. i'd take you for a thank-you coffee on your lunch break, but i don't think you'd make it back to fresno on time- so this will have to do.
thanks again,
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If he lived closer, i'd suggest a case of beer. An unexpected case of beer is like a warm hug in the middle of a cold night.

Perhaps one of the grocery stores nearby delivers? (usually they have to check your id when you order and pay, then check his id when he recieves it).
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