What color is yoga?
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What color should I paint a yoga/exercise studio?

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I moved in with my guy and I get to turn one of the rooms in the house into a yoga/exercise studio. I have a step and will have a TV in there to do aerobics with, but I want to be able to pack that stuff up easily when I am not using it, and have it as a yoga studio. Has anyone painted a yoga studio a color that they absolutely love, or have any suggestions for me? Please share!
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are there any windows?
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ok that off stupid. do you get a lot of sunlight in the room?
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haha when i think of yoga, i think of a light purple-gray color. or maybe a nice light teal. or a saffron yellow. it's just what comes to mind when i think about it.
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I'd paint it white, with a tinge of blue mixed in. Blue is a very calming color, but your shouldn't hit yourself over the head with it.
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I'd paint a studio a deep, chocolate brown.
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I vote for saffron yellow, with off-white accents and stuff.
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I'd personally do that very, very light blue that some theaters use for the basic background (without hangings or lights, etc.)

Most of the color at the last dance/yoga studio I was at was on this little eclectic altar on one of the walls, where candles and seasonal flowers always were. It made a good focal point.
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Golden saffronish yellow, or pure orange.
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Thirded, my immediate thought was light to deep orange, a saffrony sort of colour. That or an earthy, light red.

Alternatively you could go for a light off white, and use coloured lights to change the colour of the room to suit your moods.
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My thoughts went to a soft blue as well. It is a calming color, and very appropriate.
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There is a certain yoga studio I'm fond of with a black floor and white walls. The starkness and contrast is calming to me and being surrounded by black floor feels comforting. But I think you have to decide what various colors feel like to YOU.
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Some sort of green. It's a nice calming colour.

The colour green brings in harmony. Seeing the colour green, the eyes relax. It also increases concentration. In colour therapy, green is used to cure high blood pressure, neurotic fever, phobias, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

The colour green has a calming effect. Green cloth is used to soothe an operated eye. The commonly used white colour in clinics is now being replaced by the colour green. Green is also helpful to cure headaches, disturbance of vision, and loss of concentration.

Not snooker table green though!
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Orange or light yellow, with the trim around doors and windows white. Bonus points if the house is older, and you have those super-wide moldings around the windows.
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I know this example isn't for yoga, but it is kind of nice:
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome. I am thinking in the Saffron direction. There is one window that faces the water. If you are ever in Tampa - come do Yoga with me!
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Lotus colored.
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