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What is a good cheese to use to make Smažený Sýr?

I've eaten Smažený Sýr at the stands in Praha, and I'd like to try make it myself. What cheese would be a good choice to use, and what would be a good breading to use on the outside?

I've already tried making it once---I used cheddar and a simple batter, but while it tasted all right, it didn't have anywhere near the consistency that it should have, and was much too liquid.
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mmmmm, can't wait for the answer to this one...that shit is addictive!
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Best answer: Wikipedia says edam
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Response by poster: Ack! Wikipedia!

I tried searching google for recipes, but didn't even think of looking on Wikipedia.
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What is this?
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Response by poster: It's delicious, is what it is. It's basically a block of breaded, fried cheese that is usually served with Mayo or Tartar sauce on a bun.

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Awww! I want to go back to Prague now! You have made me hungry...
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