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In Peru in mid 2006 there was a song getting a lot of radio airplay, and I want to find the title and artist.

It's a Latin song, with a fast beat (merengue? I don't really know much about Latin music). The singer is female, and the only lines I can remember are a pre-chorus with a few lines beginning "dices que..." and the chorus which was "ooooooooh salvaje (la la la etc.)". I'm pretty confident you'll recognise this description if you know the song. Googling my sparse lyrics got me nothing.
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I haven't heard the song, but googling the lyrics and letras, I found a song called Salvaje, from La Barra. Video here.
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Gah. I forgot you mention a female singer, but the chorus sounds just like your lyrics.
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I was going to say Salvage by Cesar Flores (who sounds like a woman in some parts of the song), but it doesn't have the pre-chorus.
It's the same song that clearlydemon linked to, except that the video is a cover and the melody is slightly different.
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Nice work clearlydemon, that's (one version of) the song I'm looking for - at least I can get more lyrics now.

snoogles, I'll try to get hold of the Cesar Flores version but I'm pretty certain it was a female vocalist that I was hearing.

If anybody knows of another version, keep 'em coming!
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Good! I found the lyrics here.
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Sorry for double posting. I found Cesar Flores' version in mp3, here.
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It seems I owe Cesar Flores an apology! In my defence I will say that I had only heard the song through very tinny speakers that accentuated the high notes...

Thank you both for your help. It's a great song.
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