Where to get a fridge in LA?
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Where can I buy a cheap fridge in LA (and have it delivered)?

My girlfriend and I have come upon a quirk of the Los Angeles rental market -- some apartments just don't have refrigerators. We're in the process of applying for one such apartment... how do we get a fridge? Ordinarily, I would use Craigslist, but I don't have the means to deliver it to the apartment, which is on the 9th floor of an apartment building. Can anyone reccomend any used or "outlet" appliance stores, or a delivery service? We're on a tight budget -- how can we get the best value for a couple hundred bucks?
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I got a decent price at Howard's when I bought my new fridge. But it would probably be cheaper overall to use craigslist and rent a UHaul and an appliance dolly.
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IKEA sells appliances and they deliver.
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I picked up a fridge for free thanks to Freecycle. It's an online email group that lets people post offers & requests for free items. Like Craigslist, it's city-specific, but unlike Craigslist, it's over email and everything is free. I've picked up a filing cabinet, some barstools, and that aforementioned fridge, all for free, from Freecycle Calgary and Vancouver. I bet there's a strong Freecycling contingent in LA, and if you can be patient (like, maybe a week?) you can probably get somebody's old-ish fridge for no money at all.

Then you can spend the money you saved on hiring a delivery company to bring it back to your apartment for you.
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Home Depot carries some cheaper, low-end fridges that run about $400. You might be able to get a better deal if you go for an open box or floor model. The delivery fee is about $55, but they're often running a promotion where delivery is free after mail-in rebate, provided you're buying an appliance priced at $299 or more.
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Here's a list of Freecycle groups on the US West Coast. Looks like there's plenty in your area.
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Sears appliance outlet stores. There are three physical stores located within 50 miles of LA:



CORONA, CA 92880

And they are ENORMOUS warehouses filled with refridgerators that are marked 50% off or more because they have a scratch or a dent. Hundreds and hundreds of fridges, far more than you will ever find at any retail store. You can find a good cheapass new fridge for a couple hundred or spend a little more and get a very good fridge at a great discount.
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If you are on a tight budget, appliance rental or even rent-to-own might be a good option. At the very least, it will solve the delivery issue! In reality, it is probably a bit of a waste of money over time, but if you don't have the hundreds upfront (or room on a credit card), it is a pretty decent option. I've never tried rent-to-own, but that might be a more practical option if you plan to stay in this apartment for several years.
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I picked up a really decent used fridge a few years ago for $225 (I wasn't aware of craigslist then!). If you don't mind used you can definitely get them cheap or free, especially if color isn't a concern, though white has to be the most common.

But I think having to get it delivered is going to prevent you from getting the best deals. Do you have a friend with a truck/van/SUV? All you'll need is a handtruck (or more friends) to get the fridge. If you transport it laying down I think you need to wait awhile, maybe 24 hours, before plugging the fridge in so all the fluid can collect at the bottom.
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