Tailor in Montreal
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Tailor recommendation in Montreal.

I’m looking for a good tailor in Montreal for a custom or bespoke suit. Bonus points if I can spend less than 1k.
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Harry Rosen has a MTM sale on here in Ottawa, I bet the Cours Mont-Royal Harry will have the same sale.
posted by mendel at 10:08 AM on February 8, 2007

You can browse through here (key word "tailleur"). This place seems to have what you're looking for.
posted by amusem at 11:51 AM on February 8, 2007

I've dug around a bit on a couple of men's clothing forums I hang out on, and consensus seems to be that there isn't a whole lot in Montreal. The rag trade is huge there, of course, but it's all RTW factory stuff, so you're probably looking at a good Canadian brand MTM from a suit store rather than a one-off from a tailor. (Waxman, that amusem links to above, just does MTM, and that Yellow Pages category is going to contain primarily alterations tailors, or at least it doesn't make a distinction between the two.)

I still think Harry Rosen is a good bet because of their sale. They're doing Coppley MTM starting at $795, details here, and it's definitely on in Montreal.

Failing that, I'd go to the Bay for Samuelsohn MTM. Samuelsohn are Canadian and make great suits. You might even find that you fit RTW fine and can just order from their RTW separates program.

Keep in mind that you simply won't find bespoke for under $1000 without buying from the far east or eastern Europe, so made-to-measure is as good as you'll get in that range.

You can't go wrong with a Coppley or Samuelsohn suit, though, and there'd be zero risk of surprises at either Harry's or the Bay. (Ogilvy might do Samuelsohn MTM too, if the Bay feels a bit too downmarket.)
posted by mendel at 1:28 PM on February 8, 2007

Thank you mendel, I'll check out that sale at Harry Rosen. I'm not necessarily looking for brand name, just a good fitting suit for my skinny body, so I guess MTM will do.
posted by racingjs at 3:22 PM on February 8, 2007

Waxman on Parc just north of Mont-Royal does bespose suites starting at $700.
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