Find this chocolate!
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In london on a trip last year, I purchased a bar of chocolate (the flat bar kind, about 2.5 inches w to 5 inches L). It was a dark chocolate, and contained slightly dry sour cherries. It was by far the best chocolate my significant other and I have ever had. Help me find it again.
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Can you remember where you bought it? A small store, one of the big stores (e.g. Harrods, Fortnums, etc?) and in what part of London? That might help narrow it down.
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Best answer: Was it this one by any chance?

Green and Blacks Cherry Chocolate Bar
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No problem, hope you can order some online. I always find that when I travel outside the UK I totally crave the chocolate when I get home. I also travel home with twice my weight in Cheetos as you can't get them in the UK anymore!

Dave :)
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Hey, they sell those at my local store here in Bloomington.
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The Green & Blacks cherry flavour really is awesome. Their milk chocolate is also surprisingly good (for milk chocolate).

Green & Blacks is owned by Cadbury's now by the way, so there is a reasonable chance of you being able to buy imported bars locally.
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You can get them at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and other fancypants markets in the US. I highly recommend the Mayan Gold too ;)
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Response by poster: Thanks fshgrl, you sound like a fancy pants that knows your chocolate!
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You can get them at Target. In fact, your description was so tempting, I am headed over to target today to try it out.
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Wait - spoke too soon. Seems like they don't sell the cherry bar in the US. Thanks alot for tempting me!
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I buy the brand at Walmart... Don't shun me for it. Oh and the Mayan gold is spicy.
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Just google cherry chocolate bar next time.
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omidius, you dont list an email address. I'm in London at the moment - if you want, I am happy to mail you some when I come back to the States in a week. My email's in my profile.
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