Registering domains with the Cuban .cu suffix
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Is it possible to register domains with the Cuban .cu suffix? My searches online have come up with nothing, but I can't tell if this is because the market is dominated by American companies.
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Try I don't speak Spanish, so I'm unsure whether it requires you to sign away your firstborn or soforth. I've probably been flagged for merely visiting it from an American IP address.

Here's a great source for international domain name registrars, for reference.
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Seems possible, but finding registrars not so easy.
CubaWeb seem to offer what you're looking for.
This is the search I used to find them.
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Well, if twine just wants a domain name registrar (and already has hosting elsewhere), there shouldn't exist a need for more than the domain itself. You can set the nameservers to whichever sites you want. I'm not 100% certain, but I think there's no difference to the Web host whether your domain name is .com, .cx, or .cu, so long as they have their DNS configured properly.
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Sólo podrán registrar un nombre de dominio de segundo nivel bajo ".cu" organizaciones con domicilio en el territorio de la República de Cuba.

Meaning, you can only register a .cu if your organization is based in Cuba.

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