Lingerie alternatives: can we replace $80 Victoria's Secret Bras with peanut butter and peeps?
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Lingerie alternatives: can we replace $80 Victoria's Secret Bras with peanut butter and peeps?

Hi everyone,

I'm doing research for a blog article about whether there are cheaper (and more exciting) alternatives to store-bought lingerie.

Maybe there are household items that you can use to spice up V-Day without spending a fortune?

I would love any ideas you have on the subject. Please indicate if you're a man or a woman, so I can understand where you're coming from.

P.S. Unless otherwise noted, I will credit your contribution using your 2+2 login name. If you want a different name or don't want to be quoted at all, let me know in advance.
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Response by poster: The thing about peeps and peanut butter is just an example, btw. I'm not saying that's what I'm into or anything. *grin*
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Response by poster: Sorry, it's me again. When I said "I will credit your contribution using your 2+2 login name," I actually meant "your metafilter loging name", of course.
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A Honey Bear. I'm not going to get explicit, but I will suggest that there are no fewer than three ways to use this item for feminine sexual pleasuring.
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mm peeps. I mean, lingerie doesn't have to cost $80.

As for household items - ice, clothing line, soft fuzzy fabrics.
For cheaper store-bought items, you can get a decent "back massager" at "novelty-gag-gift stores" (I live in Texas, and anything more risqué than that can't be sold here!), Wet brand lube which is an okay-tasting one, chocolate body paint or powder, etc.

(I'm a woman who has one VS set she never wears.)
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And regarding texas and vibrators, not true! Most metro areas have sex shops where they sell all kinds of nefarious items, not disguised at all. There is some kind of law about how many vibrators you may have on your person at one time, and so people do get arrested for selling such stuff some times. Also all the local porn shops get raided occaisonally for selling what they always sell, and then the store owner pays a fine and nothing changes. Sorry for that light derail.
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How about girlfriend in boyfriend's button-up shirt?
How many men here say that they can resist that?
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Girl here, if he's a sports fan... sort of going off of idiotfactory's comment.

Wearing nothing but a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey can be pretty attractive I hear.
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Sorry, it's me again. When I said "I will credit your contribution using your 2+2 login name," I actually meant "your metafilter loging name", of course.

Hmmm...cross posting?

Never heard of 2+2...
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Here's a cheaper and more exciting alternative to Victoria's Secret: normal cotton underwear.

I find it a whole lot sexier than a whole bunch of lace and wire.

I'm a dude, by the way.
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Response by poster: Not to derail my own thread, but here's a pretty interesting documentary about sex toy laws in Texas (not porn but NSFW either).

Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. I have to say, I'm very partial to the normal cotton underwear too.

Keep up the great suggestions. Thanks!
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Well, there's always duct tape.
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It doesn't have to be Vicky's secret, that's about the least imaginative kind of lingerie you could buy anyway. What about something vintage and amazing like Twisted Thrift lingerie, something high-end and simple like Eres, something costumey and victorian-inspired like Ophelia Fancy, something couture like Yes Master, or something cozy like Skin.

I could go on all day - there's more to lingerie than a cookie-cutter mall store!
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Best answer: "I could go on all day."

Ummm.... Please do. =)
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haha okay! here are some of my favourites:

Amazing corsetry: Eternal Spirits
Beautiful English lingerie: FleurT
Italian couture: Guia la Bruna (check for a cheaper diffusion line)
French over-the-top: Chantal Thomass
European Loungewear: Lounge Lover
Larger-cup designers: Miss Mandalay and Jodi Gallaer
Institutions of lingerie: Aubade, Parah, and Valisere
Beautiful romanian brand: ID Sarrieri
Hand-made English label: Made by Niki
Bumless knickers inspired by Victorian underwear: N de Samim
Australian loungewear/lingerie: Bulb
French loungewear/lingerie: Elise Aucouturier
French lingerie (hard to find): Bien fee pour toi
Argentinian lingerie: Susila Tantrik
Amazing New York label: Kiki de Montparnasse (beautiful sex toys too!)
Rock-chick lingerie: Bela's Dead
Bad name, beautiful lingerie: Cotton Club

btw, i'm the editor of a lingerie weblog - for even more, check my profile!
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Ummm.... Please do. =)

Might I redirect you sir, to Aubade's "Leçons de séduction" ? Just roll over the numbers and click.
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I have a friend who is into knitting lingerie and I know there's been some books that have come out recently with lingerie knitting patterns.
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ukdanae, what about plus-size lingerie? You forgot the plus-size lingerie.
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Chocolate Body Paint.
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Hi lleachie,

A very good point. Sadly high-quality plus-size lingerie is harder to find, and especially for bras, the sizing is a big issue.

Luckily, there is a growing trend among designers to come out with larger-cup bras. You'll find that the back sizes range from 30-38, which might make you think it's not plus-size, but in most cases, it really is. Many women have their back size way too big and their cup size way too small, so a woman who thinks she's a 40 or 42 might actually be a36 or 38 but needs a larger cup size. I was aghast when i visited Lane Bryant in the US and found that their idea of "larger sized" lingerie was a huge back size and a smaller cup - they only go up to a DDD!

For example: I'm a US size 16/18, originally thought i was a 38/40 D and turned out to be a 34G. I can't even buy a bra at Lane Bryant because their cups are far too small and the backs too big - the band around the back is where the bra is supposed to support you, rather than the straps, so you should have a tight band so that even if you take the straps off, the bra still stays put and supports you.

So that was the long answer. The short answer is, for plus-size bras try a few larger-cup brands like:

Le Mystere
Miss Mandalay
Jodi Gallaer
Rigby & Peller

and get sized anywhere but a big chain store - places like Victoria's Secret can't size you as a 34F if they don't have that size in stock. A good rule of thumb for finding a place that will size you properly is to look at Le Mystere's website for places that stock them, you can even schedule fittings online.

For loungewear, etc.,

Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers
has a wider size range, and corsetry is always a popular choice as you can buy in a much wider range. Along with Eternal Spirits there is Velda Lauder, CorsetCurves and Revanche de la Femme

If you're not looking for amazing quality, try Hips and Curves as it has a good variety. Lane Bryant's non-bra offerings in Cacique are pretty cute as well (my favourite suspender belt is from them!).
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Wow, bravo ukdanae.
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What about adult sized underoos? I've been looking for both male and female versions. Does anyone know where to get some of those?
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While some of the above links are great, I'd hardly call them "alternatives" to $80 bras. Instead of "peanut butter," they're more like "high-end ganache."

They're more alternatives to VS boredom.
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