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Which is the best (free or reasonably priced) program for Windows that I can use to save a growing collection of code snippets? Ideally should be able to rapidly find and extract snippets I'm looking for, that might mean instant searching, tags, favorites bar, or whatever. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Gmail is probably good enough for this, and would give you access to your snippets collection from any web browser.
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Personal Knowbase is an excellent tag-based program for snips and all kinds of things.

Also, I'm currently experimenting with using the latest version of WordPress to store snippets. I use categories (which can be dynamically added) as tags. WordPress is great; it's easy to install remotely or locally, and is highly customizable.

One last thing you might want to look into is using OneNote 2007, which also supports tags, and has lots of options.
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Perhaps a TiddlyWiki might work for you? I store all kinds of stuff in mine (not just code snippets), and tag them with the general concept, language, etc. It supports searching, printing and is highly customizable. Also, because everything is stored as a single html/javascript file, it's extremely portable. (I keep mine on a usb drive, for example.)
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This looks interesting... don't think I'd use it personally, though.
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I think the TiddlyWiki will do exactly what you're asking for. Thanks, cgg, for this is the coolest thing I've found in 2007 so far!
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Evernote would do the same (free version available)
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I know, ms, but whatever. Ok:

The Do-It-Yourself Script Center Kit
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I just found this today, and my crippled linux environment here doesn't allow me to run it, but gbCodeLib looks promising.
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I would third TiddlyWiki. I use the GTDTiddlyWiki (an offshoot of the original) at work for managing tasks and storing personal knowledge-base type things. It would work great for code as well. It allows tagging and has a really good built-in search engine.
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I do this with EverNote on my PC at work and in Yojimbo on my Mac.

(I would kill for a Windows app that works just like Yojimbo. Maybe someone will recommend one in this thread, heh.)
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Thanks guys
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p.s., I went evernote. The new version if great, allows for both tags and a folder system. And its free.
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Not a Windows app, but I developed, and then sold, this. It was open source, no longer.
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