FileMaker me?
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FilemakerFilter: I need some database help, because I am a n00b. My FIRST robotics team is creating a database of teams at our regional event, for scouting...

...but I've never used FileMaker before.

Each round of the robotics competition has six randomly selected teams playing on two alliances

For each match, I want six computers in the stands, each with a person collecting data on one team that match.

Right now, I have a set of fields set up that have data on each match as follows:

Team # the person is scouting
Who their alliance partners are
color of that alliance (red/blue)
who the opposite alliance is (3 team #s)
a bunch of checkboxes and dropdowns that define the abilites of the robot you're watching
text comment field
win/loss/tie dropdown

I want to be able to have six computers simultaneously be entering data into this form over a network, match by match, and then be able to pull up a summary view from a 7th machine that will sort the data by showing a list of team #s, what matches they played in, and their ability data from each match.

my filemaker database file can be found here:

and a diagram of what i'm trying to do here:

Thanks for your help...
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Some other teams have done this before, but I couldn't say whether or not they used filemaker. I'll bet that someone on the Chief Delphi forums can point you in the right direction.
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Response by poster: I've been on one has replied yet, hence my other source of all knowledge, MeFi :)
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I tried to download your database file, but got a 404 not found.
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Response by poster: weird...i'll repost
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Response by poster: New link for .fp7 download
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IS this what you want to do:
Flikr ScreenShot
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What I did was move the match information up into the Sub Summary by Match # area and drew a background behind it to differentiate it from the match # strip.

I can send you the modified file if you want... my contact info is in my profile
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(and to close out the thread, I did send the file and weaponsgradecarp was very happy).
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