East Indian music recommendations, please.
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Homeworkfilter: Suggestions for classical and contemporary (pop) (East) Indian music without vocals?

As part of a class, I have to write a CIHR grant-style research proposal in an area outside of my expertise/area of study. I've decided to write the proposal on determining the extent that human appreciation of music is innate or learned.

Interestingly, Indian adults were shown to be more 'tolerant' of discordant (vs. concordant) chords and note combinations. Other studies have shown concurrent activation of brain areas associated with pleasure and displeasure in response to hearing concordant and discordant chords and note combinations. Infants prefer music with major intervals over minor intervals and are also able to discriminate music that has been transposed by a major fifth as 'same' while having more difficulty determining 'sameness' when the melody is transposed by minor intervals.

Classical Indian music uses scales/notes in just intonation compared to equal temperament used in classical Western music. Also, Indian music tends to use more complex meter compared to Western music which tends to restrict itself to more simple meter. I'll propose to use these differences in cross-cultural studies.

What I need are musical titles (and samples would be awesome) from classical avocal Indian music that are considered to be seminal or very influential. I'll be comparing those titles to something from, say, Bach or Mozart.

Also, as a control for contemporary music, I'll be using the themes from the James Bond series of films (I'll age-match volunteers to James Bond titles from different years and cross-compare that to recent Bond titles). It's probably asking too much, but are there similar serial movies that recruit the currently popular (or at least inoffensive) artists to provide intro music or sountracks? Either that or suggestions of current popular Indian music that uses just intonation and complex meter?

To be clear, I won't actually be running these experiments - it's just a (very complicated and time consuming) homework assignment.

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I'm sorry to say that I know of no East Indian music that fits the bill, but do have a book-and-CD of North Indian music (I know, totally different), and there may be stuff there. I'm at work right now, but email me (see profile) if you want me to check later. But it probably wouldn't be useful if you're looking for stuff from East India.

Good luck with the assignment. I've participated in similar [actual] studies, where folks look at Westerners' abilities to discern pitch differences (aka in or out of tune) in Western classical and traditional Persian music. Interesting stuff.
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