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CaymanFilter: Looking for MeFite input on a trip to Grand Cayman ...

I'm tagging along with students headed to Grand Cayman in mid-March, and I'll be left to my own devices while they are in class. I've devoured all the info I can find online, and am now looking for off-the-beaten-path, day-trip-ish, local-color type input from any MeFites beyond "snorkel, scuba, and visit Hell".
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Check out the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens if you get a chance. There are a lot of really interesting things to see there, and it's not on everyone's radar tourist-wise.
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There is a Sea Turtle sanctuary on the island. Or there was when I was there three years ago.
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I second the Sea Turtle sanctuary...though I should add that Cayman was my least favorite Caribbean getaway. The island is expensive since its currency is tied to the British pound and I found the locals to be a British sort of way. I used the trip there as an opportunity to sneak over to Cuba, which was a far better experience.
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This monstrosity is pretty wild, if it's working.
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I should add that Cayman was my least favorite Caribbean getaway.

My experience has been (I've been there twice) that if you go for scuba/snorkeling, you will be more than ecstatic. Otherwise, the rest of the Carribbean is better.
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One of my favorite things from my trip to the Caymans was a day trip to Little Cayman. Me and four or five other people, plus a guide, eating and snorkeling and lounging all day on a mostly empty island brought me most of my favorite memories from that trip.
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Take a horseback riding tour along the beach at sunset.
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BTW, the restaurant next to the sea turtle sanctuary is good.

You could rent a car and drive the island and see the off the beaten path villages and beaches. Make your way over to Rum Point - it's pretty. Also, way back in 1996 when I went there, there was a small brewery that had just opened up and they had a nice tour.
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