Best mail-order food?
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What are the finest mail-order food goods available at reasonable prices? I'm talking best bread, brownies, cakes, fruits, frozen pizzas, cookies -- any recommendations for extraordinary food at not-exhorbitant rates.
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You can get a pretty good chocolate sampler from chocosphere for about $25 or $30. They are one of the most respected retailers of gourmet chocolates. I got a sampler a month ago just on a whim and still haven't finished it all. My wife went absolutely nuts over the Michel Cluizel bars.
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Ultimate Lasagna, as famously prepared by Chef Massimiliano Bartoli at the now-closed Miss Williamsburg restaurant in Brooklyn. This mail-order version of Chef Bartoli's lasagna was featured on the Food Network last year; and although the restaurant has since closed, I spoke with an employee last month who said that shipping would resume for the "ultimate lasagna" later this spring.

Disclaimer: I've never tried it.
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Mmmm, Michel Cluizel...

To get back to the question, you're probably going to find that a lot of good mail order food is expensive, for several reasons:

- Good food in general tends to be expensive.

- Making a perishable item, like food, to meet an erratic demand (like mail order) is time-consuming. Sourcing ingredients to meet an irregular schedule is time-consuming.

- Shipping food so it gets to you before it's past its prime is expensive.

That said, here are a few recommendations.

Harry and David is a reliable source. Some of their stuff is pretty pricey, but they do have an under $20 category.

Amai Tea and Bake House isn't extravagantly expensive, but the per piece (or per cookie) price ends up being relatively high. Great baked goods and beautiful packaging, though. Would make a great gift.

Slashfood had some recommendations on mail order cheesecake.

And keep in mind the shipping charges... they can really add up.
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Any wine of the month club is sure to please. You will discover vintners that you can't resist.
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Little Creek salad dressing is amazing. I have no relationship with the owners, although they live nearby. Try the original--you'll be hooked. Donna's dad received the Order of Canada for building the ice roads.
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Zingerman's has some really nice stuff.
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Peets coffee sells tasty coffee and some reasonably okay tea by mail. Their tea belnds are much better than their single-variety teas.
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Penzey's Spices is not really food, per se, but it's definitely the gourmand's friend.
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Tuna Guys canned fish. Truly superior albacore, and much cheaper bought by the case than singly. It will forever spoil you for the overcooked, broth-and-gum-added mainstream brands.
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Wolferman's are reportedly THE best English muffin.
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(Total agreement on Wolferman's)

Zabars has the best bagels, knishes, rugelach, and other New York delicacies.
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Pete's Caramels are supposed to be amazing. The dude who sells them (Pete) is a high schooler. You can get a sample for a dollar, and he'll refund your dollar if you write a testimonial about it.
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Forgot the price. $20 for a batch (which is "at least a pound"), including shipping.
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Enstrom's Almond Toffee.
Oh sweet baby jeezus. It should be illegal, but I am very very glad it's not.
Don't judge the awful 1940's box graphics. It's what's inside that will blow your mind.
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Ippodo Tea Company in Kyoto has been selling some of the best tea in the world for hundreds of years.
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If you are in the US, try CanAm peameal bacon. It is truly excellent, as good or better than real Canadian stuff.

Keep in mind that many (US and Canada-based) internet shops have only domestic delivery on food due to FDA regulations. Coffee and tea cross the border without issue, though.
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I agree, Enstrom's toffee is extraordinary. We gave it out to guests at our wedding.
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Burger's Smokehouse if you're into meats. Their website doesn't do their print catalog (which is amazing food porn) justice.
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Cookies from ruby et violette are so good.
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Best. Mustahds. Evah.
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Modjeskas from Dundee Candy in Louisville. (Their Bourbon Balls are also some of the best around.)
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Gambino's Bakery for Mardi Gras King Cakes.
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Not to threadjack, but does anyone know anywhere to mail-order sushi supplies (especially flash frozen fish) I live far inland, and not near a large city, so no fishmonger.
I know Alton Brown just mentioned this as a method on the recent episode of Good Eats (Wake up little sushi).

I'll second Wolfermans, their muffins blow my mind.. My grandfather orders me a sampler box every year for my birfday.

I also mail-order tea from Rishi, and 'enjoying tea'.
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I can vouch for the salty goodness that comes from the Bacon-of-the-month club which has other gifts but it is all about the hog. You can also buy from the artisan bacon people directly as well.
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Vosges Chocolate is a real favorite around here.. yes they are a bit pricey, but seriously worth it - the juxtaposition of different flavors that Katrina makes sounds weird on paper, and is absolutely fantastic in taste.
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I love Fat Witch brownies. Everyone that I've sent them to loves them.
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Dale and Thomas Popcorn ... YUM!
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Rowena's cakes are what I send when I need to do something a little different. I've sent her Almond Rose Cake several times when I can not attend a funeral. They've always been well received.
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Holy shit, Collins St. Bakery in Corsicana, TX, home of world-famous fruit cake, but the Apricot Pecan Cake is to die for. Forget the price, you MUST have some. Trust me on this.....
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I second Wolferman's. The BEST.
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Graeter's famous French pot ice cream. If I were limited to one flavor of ice cream for the rest of my life, I'd strongly consider their chocolate chip; and I'm nearly certain my fiancée would pick their caramel.
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