Find me some SEO Tracking Software
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I need some software that will track search engine rankings

Ideally a PHP / MySQL open source affair that I can install on a server. Win XP compatible software would also be ok I suppose. I want it to poll various search engines at regular intervals (daily probably) and for a list of phrases, get the position that the specified site ranks at.

Perhaps some pretty graphs of position over time would be nice

I'd rather use software than a web service to do this but if you know a (free) web service then please let me know it too.
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I'm sorry to say that I don't think you're going to have much luck finding something like this. The only thing I know that is even remotely similar would be Advanced Web Ranking, but you have to pay for that.

(I know this because I've been forced to write my own about thirty times over the last two or three years.)
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You might want to check out enquisite. It's an ASP model, rather than software you install youself, but it should do what you want. Oh, and it's free. (disclaimer, I only know about them because I'm going to be working with them)
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