The Most Exciting Library
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ChildhoodMemoryFilter... I keep remembering a Laserdisc movie from way back that included a library, the dewey decimal system, and a force field...

I can't remember much more, but I think it was the last library on earth or something of that sort, and it had a spherical force field around it, as well as something underground. I was absolutely taken by whatever this educational film was, but I can't find it even with the most fervent Googling. Any ideas? This is an educational film, almost definitely on LaserDisc, played in New Jersey around 1991? to teach kids about libraries.
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i am so excited to see your question. i have been looking for the same movie for several years now. i saw it in my sixth grade library class in ohio in 1991.

in my recollection, there was some element of apocalypse to the storyline. i have also been completely stumped by googling.

i think the version i saw was on videotape.
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"The users" is all that comes to mind. I don't know why tho.
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Was it The Pagemaster?
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I have been wondering about this movie for several years myself. I do remember an apocalyptic element. Was there not also a bookmobile that was prominently featured?

(Google does nothing for me, either.)
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Best answer: Ah! I found it. Tomes and Talismans. See also.
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Conan the Librarian isn't it then.
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Response by poster: kelegraph & kzin602: word. "The Users" definitely had a role.

Amyms - I'm fairly certain it was live action.
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HOLY CRAP. I think this is a movie I've been wondering about for YEARS. I couldn't even ask it here, because the few details I could remember, I thought I might've made up in my head.

I heart you, metafilter.
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Response by poster: Ha, amazing to see that other people actually remember it. Too bad it's out-of-print and originally cost a few hundred bucks :)
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Oh my god. I too saw that creepy serial in 7th grade (ca 1990-91) and we made a lot of fun of the "butt wipers." Trust me, it was hilarious to 7th graders...and all those library skills we were supposed to be learning became irrelevant the minute we discovered Prodigy and AOL.

What I most remember about that library is taking a week long standardized test in there - one where they were testing minimum requirements, not the regular aptitude tests. Each section was given one hour to finish it, but I would get it done in 15 minutes, and have the rest of the time to read. I discovered and read the entire Hitchiker series by Douglas Adams that week. Good times.
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So....anyone know where to find it online at all?
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According to this website you can get it by sending $48.00 to Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Attention: Millard O’Baner, 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211. I haven't done this, so I can't vouch for it. I've also been wondering about this for years, and would love to see it again.
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