Rabbit breed?
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We adopted a rabbit, and are really taken with him. We're not sure of his specific breed, or a close guess as to his heritage, besides that based on the ears that he's a lop of some sort. And it's possible or most likely that he's a mutt, but we're just curious, what breed(s) of rabbit is he?

If not apparent from the photos, he has floppy ears, completely black fur except for greyish fur on the back of his head, and on the sides of what look like big mutton chops. He has long hair, but it's especially long on the top of his head, and is highly susceptible to static charge. For a point of reference, we were told he is about a year old.
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He looks like he's a full-blooded 'gorgeous' breed.

But, seriously, he looks like he's got a lot of lop and dwarf. (like my bunny! Squeeee!! Sorry. Going now...)
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My bet would be a Holland Lop or a cross thereof. Perhaps a Holland Lop x Dwarf of some sort mix?
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Cute, may I offer a small bit of advice? I know it is off topic and if it gets flagged and deleted I'll cope. Do you know it's a male? If it is female they may be prone to some type of lady-bits cancer. Our first rabbit passed away from it and the vet said it's not uncommon and you can generally avoid it by having them "fixed".
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A dwarf Holland Lop is my best guess. Enjoy!
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With the fuzzy head and sideburns, I wonder if he has some Angora in him. Or maybe Lionhead, although those are a fairly new breed.

(yes, very cute too!)
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Punk bunny! Looks like you have a mutt. A very, very cute mutt.
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I want one!!! So cute!
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Awww, adorable bunny!

(Sorry I'm no help, I can barely tell what breed my bunnies are).
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He looks like an American Fuzzy Lop. He's very cute! BTW, I second Edgeway's post, definitely get him neutered.
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I'm seconding American Fuzzy Lop. He's adorable!

And yes, get him neutered (by a good rabbit-savvy vet); you wouldn't believe the difference it makes. Actually, read everything here if you haven't already!
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IANALE (I am not a lagomorph expert) but he certainly looks to be part Lionhead, yes...

And thirding the get him fixed comments...he'll mellow out considerably, and it's just good bunny parenting...at least in my opinion.
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