When Good Shrinks Go Cheap
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Where can my girlfriend find affordable (35 bucks a session - tops) therapy now that she's moved to LA?

In Detroit, my girlfriend had a very reasonably priced therapist that she paid 35 bucks a session. She cannot afford more than that and has no medical, mental or even dental insurance. So she needs somewhere to go that she can afford in Los Angeles to get the regular mental help she needs.

I should say she's dead set against anything involving schools with kids who are training to be therapists. Any ideas?
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Any ideas?

Yes. E-mail me; I can recommend a genius with a sliding scale.
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Oddly enough, you may (if kmennie's person doesn't pan out) want to look for one who doesn't take insurance. Chances are he will have mostly wealthy clients who pay him extremely high fees, and may be amenable to taking on a certain number on a semi-pro-bono basis.
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That -- charging a whopping fee to the well-heeled and being charitable when it's called for -- is precisely the deal.

(At the time, I attributed it to his being Canadian.)

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I had a doctor like the one mentioned above before I got health insurance as a domestic partner. Look for doctors with their own practice (/who are making the calls re: how things are run), they're likely to be more flexible.
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Many teaching hospitals would be glad to give you a referral if you call. Just specify that you want someone who has been practicing for a few years.
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NAMI may help with leads as well
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