O-1 Visa for the starving artist
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Looking for stories and advice about getting an O-1 visa for someone in the film and television field.

A freelancing editor/composer/producer/director friend's last option for staying in America is the O-1. Looking for ways to fill the requirements...how hard is it?
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I got one.

It's not excruciatingly hard, but is hit and miss.

The examples I saw, pointed out that unique talents (Elvis impersonation, for example) might be really cool and all, but not O1-worthy.

I got one the first time, and got a green card approved on the same basis. While I was waiting for the green card, my second O1 was turned down, based on exactly the same paperwork.

And then the green card came through.

My first O1 and the green card were approved on the basis of my knowledge and experience relating to certain types of software considered to be in the public interest. But the second O1 was turned down, because the inspector seemed to be looking for an academic bent.
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Oh, and make sure your friend deals with an Immigration attorney that has handled *recent* successful O1s, because the requirements are shifting and subjective to the inspectors.

I was told that with O1's, appeals are quite common and often necessary.
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I used to crank these aps. out in about two weeks back in the day. As far as I know they are still cranking them out over at my old workplace. (I'm at hotmail if you want their name)

Unfortunately if he's a "starving artist" or a "freelancer" then he's not likely to have the required evidence of "sustained national or international acclaim," "record of extraordinary achievement," or "a degree of skill and recognition substantially above that ordinarily encountered to the extent that a person described as prominent is renowned, leading, or well known in the field of arts."

Just an idea but your friend could possibly look for work with an "internationally recognized" entertainment company and apply as a P-1 member of an entertainment group with a lower level of required evidence of prominence needed.
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