Where to stay for 3 nights in Dublin?
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We are two adults and two children visiting Dublin between 17 and 20 Feb. Does anyone has a recommendation where to stay? We prefer the city centre apartments...
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Jury's Inn in Christchurch or Parnell Street might suit you. They are both fairly reasonable in price (Dublin is expensive). Both are in the city centre and have rooms for 2 adults and 2 children. I'm afraid I don't know much about city centre apartments as I've never stayed in any, but the Irish Tourist Board website might help.
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Best answer: There's a site StayDublin which has a chain of apartments to let, maybe check them out.

I had a quick scan of the locations they offer and I would suggest keeping to the Millennium Walk, Christ Church and, for location only, Temple Bar. The others are not the best areas of town and if you plan to come back late at night, then they don't really suit.

They may not seem great value but as Elmore says Dublin is expensive.
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I've stayed in the Hotel Isaac. It was pretty good value and pretty nice inside. I'd stay there again if I had to go to Dublin.


Pretty central too.
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