Get us away from the world for a couple of weeks' honeymoon
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My fiancée and I are looking for an isolated honeymoon cottage on the coast, in a temperate region. Can you find it for us?

We want to go somewhere wild and green and blowy where we can read books together - but on our own. Think cottage on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, west coast of Canada, Brittany. July this year with a wood fire, outside of villages and complexes, no internet (I'm bad with this). Anywhere in the world would be OK but preference to North America and Europe (languages: English, French, Spanish best but not fussy).
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You should look into staying on Monhegan Island in Maine. I've been there a few times - somewhat remote, small fishing village, artist colony. Might be a bit colder than what you're after though!
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Outer Hebrides is EXACTLY as you describe.
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Here's a wee place on coast of County Donegal, which is the NW of Ireland:

It's outside the town of Dungloe, which is in a very scenic area. The house is owned by the Irish Heritage Trust. They restore old historical building and then rent them out to the public. Most of their properties do NOT include phone, internet, nor TV. Read more about the Trust here:

They also have some other interesting properties all over Ireland, including a few lighthouses.
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Lopez Island, WA. It's isolated, it's gorgeous, and July is a beautiful time of year in the San Juans.

A very strong second for Donegal, though, if you're Europe-bound.
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We stayed in Quay Cottage in Polperro, in Cornwall, England, and I cant recommend it enough. Ancient fishing town, cliffs plunging into beautiful blue waters. Just amazing.

Check out pictures of the area here.
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Best answer: Here are a few interesting places that I have bookmarked as wish-list potential that might interest you:

Village house in Frigiliana on the Andalusian coast of Spain

Donegal Ireland holiday cottages

Morocco - traditional house in the medina of the Atlantic port of Essaouira

And two not on the coast, but remote & interesting:
Borrego Valley Inn in the Anza Borrego desert - I've stayed here, it's great and very peaceful. But they do have web access.

Cedar Creek Treehouse Mount Ranier. Or if you prefer the ground, there's also a cedar log cabin

Also, you might search Vacation rental by owner - I've had some terrific luck finding unique and affordable lodging by picking the area I want to go to - coastal Maine, for example, and browsing the listings. By the way, I second blaneyphoto's idea of Monhegan Island.
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Strong third for Donegal! This is where we stayed on our honeymoon. Gorgeous and secluded--quite definitely wild and green and blowy. And there's a fireplace with that nice peat-ey smell, and fields of ponies, and some wonderfully fierce and moody coast nearby.
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That Morocco link is broken.
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Huh. Link went funny. Here's the address:

The main B&B is called Bruckless House; we rented the self-catering gate cottage.
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How about staying in a lighthouse? Point Hicks lighthouse has extraordinary scenery and is a long way away from everywhere (particularly North America and Europe).
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Somewhere near Vancouver Island's Rathtrevor Beach, like Tigh-Na-Mara. (Tigh Na Mara has upscale cottages, but you can probably find a nice beachfront cottage in a less resort-like location if you want.)

Gabriola Island, near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
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I love all the BC Gulf Islands, especially Saturna and the Pender Islands. Just stay away from my island (Hernando) as that is where I hope to be this summer.
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My wife and I have used this site a couple of times with great success. The southwest coast of Sardinia is amazing and as remote as anyplace you will find on the European Med. coast.
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Lundy Island is located off Devon, England - about 12 miles out to sea. It is a wonderful, isolated place but does have a small village with a very memorable pub. The whole place is owned by an organisation call The Landmark Trust and they look after rental of the accommodation. Several possibilities (including a lighthouse) but there is a small cottage called Tibbets which lies a couple of miles away from the village on the isolated cliff tops with views to die for and nothing but seals and sea birds to spy on you. Why not go there?

Alternatively you could try one of numerous islands in Scotland such as Jura, Rum, Gigha, one of the outer Orkneys, etc. VisitScotland would be a starting place for a search - they will let you specify exactly the kind of place you might want.
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Order the handbook from Landmark Trust. Trust me, it's worth it. Of course, if you end up booking the small fort on the shores of Cornwall for the weekend my wife and I hope to, no drawbridge, scenic vista, or late medieval architecture in the world shall save you from our wrath!
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Try the West Algarve? Wild and Atlantic and not too many people. Try or or
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So TrashyRambo where'd U end up going?
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Response by poster: Donegal. We went to one of the links in the response I marked best answer. Great stuff. Hit all the buttons.
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