How to get Weather Network music?
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Where can I get the music that The Weather Network plays on air?

They have a series of different repetitive jingles they play in various broadcasts ("Local Forecast","Extreme Weather", etc). I have a friend who loves TWN and the music they play. It would be fun to get it for her somehow.

The official answer from their FAQ:
Can I find the music that The Weather Network plays on air?
The Weather Network's music comes from a music library that is packaged for commercial use only.
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oh goodness. I remember a 10 hour hike a few months ago, where an otherwise good hike was marred by an earworm of ... you guessed it ... the Weather Network jingle. I shudder still at the memory of me trying to get rid of that song in my head, and my fruitless frustrating efforts.
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I have dealt with commercial music before. It's a nightmare. If you really want the music, try recording about a half-an-hour of local talk-free weather report from TWC onto a computer and into an audio editing program or get someone else to do it for you.
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I'm with seawallruner, I spent 3 months in Aberta and I still can't get that soundtrack out of my head a year later. It never once changed, and being used to The Weather Channel in the US, I was flabbergasted. It's bad enough that the forecast was almost always completely wrong, but at least mash up the song once in a while.

I now hear songs once in a while that remind me of "the TWN channel song".
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I've never seen The Weather Network and I'm not entirely sure I understand whether you're looking for show jingles or the songs they play in the background. But if it's any help, Ryan Farish composes music for the The Weather Channel here in the States. He has a lot of solo work available that might be similar to what you're seeking (itunes | amazon). And while I'm not sure he'd know anything about the Weather Network, you might try sending him an email via his contact page to see if he could steer you in the right direction. He does a lot of commercial music, so he might know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody.
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APM and Network Music are two of the biggest providers of library music. Both sites will let you preview pretty much all of their libraries, so if you hunt around enough, you may get lucky. (In some cases, it's good enough quality that you could record it into Audacity.)
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I recorded the music; it turned out great. Thanks to those who responded.
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