Burning DVDs in iTunes
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OS X Newbiefilter - Burning a DVD in iTunes on OS X - Will the disk be readable on a PC?

I'm trying to burn a couple of DVD's of a very large playlist through iTunes in OS X (it's my mega playlist of Coachella 2007 artists, if anyone cares), and it's not 100% clear if said DVD is going to be readable by a Windows XP PC.

OS X identifies the format of the disk as HFS +, but the help files say that the normal Finder 'burn folder' uses a hybrid format, which will be readable by windows. Is this the same for iTunes?

I know 100% that I can do it in OS X using Toast or another similar program, but honestly I don't own any of them, and I'm guessing that would take some messing around to burn my smart playlist from iTunes?

I'm mailing these disks to a friend, and I don't have immediate access to a PC to test any of these theories. Any suggestions to accomplish this with minimal cost/hassle would be appreciated.
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DVDs and CDs are cross platform. DVDs and CDs created by Macs whether via iTunes or the Finder work prefectly well in Windows.
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It should be just fine. I burn cross-platform CDs all the time, and I've never had a problem. Just make a burn folder, drop in your files, and create the CD.

I'm pretty sure OSX creates 'Joliet' CDs by default, which work on essentially every platform.
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I do it all the time with no problems so far. Should work on any PC and the music should play on any CD player. Burn away!
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Perfect... thanks! I thought that I was probably overthinking all this.

The thought of actually going to a post office to mail these things, only to hear back 3 or 4 days from now that rather than functional DVD's, I mailed pretty coasters made me extra cautious.
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...the music should play on any CD player
Quite a few players assume that mp3 files will only appear on CDs, not DVDs. As a result, they won't play such DVDs. They also have problems with DVD formats burned onto CDs.
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