Anyone have a procmail recipe that uses "bogofilter", "spamassassin" or both?
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Anyone have a procmail recipe that uses "bogofilter", "spamassassin" or both (in concert)?

My email filtering system doesn't seem to be working as efficiently as it once did. I fear that I tweaked it one too many times and borked myself somewhere along the line. My shell account has both "bogofilter" and "spamassassin" available on the system. I had used them both, invoked by procmail coupled with bindings that allowed me to tie it to Mutt). I think the best strategy is to rebuild from scratch. It's a good opportunity to see what works for other people. I scoured UseNet and the pertinent FAQs and found few concrete examples. Anyone wanna share what they are doing with either of the programs mentioned?
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yep. see here.
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What works really well for me is whitelisting.
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I used to use spamassassin but have switched over to bogofilter because of the reduced complexity and lower resource usage. The non-bayesian part of SA wasn't doing me much good anyway.

Set up your ~/ as specified in the manpage (I have the cutoff at 0.8, seems to be a good value), and add the following to the top of your procmailrc (unless there's stuff you don't want to run through bogofilter)

| /usr/bin/bogofilter -uepl

Then you can filter with by matching the X-Bogosity: yes header. Remember to correct any mistakes made by bogofilter though, or they'll amplify in the long run. The manpage is essential reading.
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