Go. Bananas. Go go bananas.
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Help me use up my stash of frozen bananas.

The number of overripe bananas in my freezer is getting out of hand. I'm looking for interesting recipes to help use them up. I'd love to find something different to use them for, rather than the same old same old of boring banana bread and smoothies.
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In a heavy skillet, melt butter with brown sugar. Add white wine and cinnamon. Saute with sliced bananas. Serve hot.

Also good on ice cream.
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Fry them! Fried bananas are wooooonderful. Honey goes well on them, as does powered sugar.
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Alton Brown has an episode on bananas, which may give you a bit of inspiration. A good thing to use frozen bananas for is ice cream, a recipe from the aforementioned episode.
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Fry 'em, tempura, foster or pancake form.
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With a clattering of chairs, upended shell cases, benches, and ottomans, Pirate's mob gather at the shores of the great refectory table, a southern island well across a tropic or two from chill Corydon Throsp's mediaeval fantasies, crowded now over the swirling dark grain of its walnut uplands with banana omelets, banana sandwiches, banana casseroles, mashed bananas molded into the shape of a British lion rampant, blended with eggs into batter for French toast [emph. added], squeezed out a pastry nozzle across the quivering creamy reaches of a banana blancmange to spell out the words C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre (attributed to a French observer during the Charge of the Light Brigade) which Pirate has appropriated as his motto ... tall cruets of pale banana syrup to pour oozing over banana waffles, a giant glazed crock where diced bananas have been fermenting since the summer with wild honey and muscat raisins, up out of which, this winter morning, one now dips foam mugsfull of banana mead ... banana croissants and banana kreplach, and banana oatmeal and banana jam and banana bread, and bananas flamed in ancient brandy Pirate brought back last year from a cellar in the Pyrenees also containing a clandestine radio transmitter ...
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bleah. ignore the "[emph. added]"
got the quote from here which has a quick recipe for the french toast.
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Banana cake
Banana & apple cake
Banana bread

I'm jealous!
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Mmmm... banana with hot butterscotch and granola...
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banana chocolate chip cake
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ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana bread.

I know you said you're sick of it, but try Yellowman's Banana Lime Bread from Sundays at Moosewood. It's way more interesting than ordinary banana bread.
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You can't beat banana bread. Throw in some nuts too.
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And that's about as far as anyone gets reading Gravity's Rainbow, juv3nal. Page 10.

How about a banana cheesecake?
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Banana pancakes?
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Pancakes, specifically this recipe. Below the main recipe are modifications, and as the recipe says - "Really, really great, and a fine use for overripe bananas. "
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My aunt made banana enchiladas topped with mole sauce. I'm pretty sure they had cheese & refried beans in there along with the bananas, but I could be wrong. Her family loved them, though I thought they were a bit odd. (And no, they weren't a dessert, unlike all of the "banana enchilada" recipes I googled.)
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Invite friends over and make some smoothies
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Someone asked me if I wanted a forzen Banana so I said No, but then I thought I might want a regular banana later so I said yes.

I second the smoothies
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Someone asked me if I wanted a frozen Banana and I said No, but then I thought I might want a regular banana later so I said yes.

I second the smoothies
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Bananas unite!
Bananas split!
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Invent a banana martini. When you succeed, have a celebratory banana martini party.
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Oh, I have to second "banana ice cream". I had it once; it was amazing. :D
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mush some of them up and pour magic shell on them.
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Take one out, in case you want a regular banana later.
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Mmmm... the fried banana idea sounds good. I loved the "crispy banana" (deep fried banana) that one of the vendors at the local farmer's market sold when I lived in Halifax. It never occurred to me that I could use frozen ones to make something similar.

Belladonna - the banana enchiladas also sound intriguing. Please post a recipe if you manage to track one down!

Somehow the idea of banana ice cream doesn't really appeal to me, though I'm not sure why as I love banana smoothies.

Thanks for all the recommendations. Keep 'em coming!
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From the Food Network show Ham on the Street:

1. Cut a banana latitudinally. (That is, with a circular cross-section.)
2. Stick a popsicle stick in the cut end.
3. Coat in honey or corn syrup. (Note: I may amend this to include butterscotch based on the previous comment.)
4. Roll in granola.
5. Freeze.
6. Breakfast!

That you're starting with frozen bananas shouldn't be a problem, so long as they were of sufficient quality/not overripe when you froze 'em.
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