Where do I find mexican oilcloth on the cheap in San Francisco?
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San FranciscoFilter: Where in San Francisco can I find Mexican Oilcloth like this?

Earlier this week I scored a free lime green Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair. Sweet! Problem is, the detachable pad is completely trashed. I was thinking about covering the pad in some of that fruit patterned oilcloth you often see in mexican restaurants. Unfortunately, the only places I've ever seen it has been in uber-hipster retail shops where it is ridiculously expensive. Does anyone know where I can get the mexican oilcloth at a reasonable price, or failing that, a place that sells oilcloth in various patterns and funky colors?
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Fabric.com has a few kinds.
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I would try Darlene's Fabric on Mission (around 24th, I think) - you might call first, but I think I've seen it there.
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Amazon has oilcloth tablecloths made by a company called A.H. Mercantile, with fruit patterns like the one you like.
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Fabric Outlet is at 2109 Mission, not too far from Darlene's. I usually hit both at the same time (I've never actively looked for oilcloth so not sure, but worth a call too).
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The first link is now broken, unfortunately...
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Poppy Fabric in Oakland has lots of oilcloth. You can get there on BART. It's near the Rockridge Station. You'll have to walk about 6 blocks or so, but they do have a nice selection. I was there a week ago and noticed it. Also call up Mendel's Far Out Fabrics on Haight.
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