Help me find a table!
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Looking for unique furniture in the Pacific NW.

My SO and I are in the market for a dining room table/chairs and I don't want it to be a run of the mill piece. I am looking for things like salvaged/entombed wood, antiques anything that can make it more one of a kind and less assembly line.

I am in based Portland but I am totally willing to travel to view furniture in Seattle or even Bosie, if need be.

I have gone to ECO PDX and liked what I saw but the tables were mostly too large as I am looking for something that can seat between 4 and 8 folks.
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You might want to check out Cost Plus World Market at 2315 NW Westover Rd. Not much of a selection, but they have some great looking yet strangely inexpensive wood tables.
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Check out Cargo (380 NW 13th Avenue) which has very cool stuff imported from Asia, Mexico, and many other places, I'm sure. It's a huge store and most of the furniture is upstairs.
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Sorry, my Cargo link should have gone to the main reviews for the store.
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Check out the furniture (yes, they have furniture too!) at Rejuvenation Hardware in Portland. You also have several good architectural salvage shops in town that might have neat stuff from time to time. Additionally, there are a number of really first-rate woodworkers in your area:

Also, Darrell Peart, one of the best woodworkers in the country, is not far from you in Washington. He's not cheap, though, but you get what you pay for: his work is always beautiful and perfectly-constructed:
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The Joinery, in/near Sellwood. Mother Goose sells really beautiful [expensive] wood furniture, too.
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If you don't have to see it before you buy it, DP Fletcher has interesting pieces, however they are based in Arizona in the US.

A YouTube video of one here: DB Fletcher table

They aren't salvaged wood or antiques, but they're definitely one-of-a-kind.
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This may not be your style at all, but Pacific Rim Log Furniture in Woodland, Wash., has some really neat hand-made tables. They're about 22 miles north of Portland. I used to live across the street from the place. It's a smallish family business, and they're really nice.
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Check out Northwest Fine Woodworking in Pioneer Square.
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Second NW Fine Woodworking. They've got some really beautiful pieces.
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The Joinery on SE Woodstock. Handmade furniture made with sustainable forestry products. BEAUTIFUL STUFF!!
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