Imitation is the... nevermind.
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need to create nice looking PHP (RoR, Python?) events list. example inside

How would I make this with a suitable backend for easy updates... Bonus points if you can tie in Drupal 5.x
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What resources do you have in terms of personal skill set, team skill set, or budget? Do you have an existing website that you want to integrate this into? What technology is involved.

If you want drupal integration, I would start with Drupal and the events module and then figure out what it would take to tweak the templates go get the results you like. You could probably pay someone in the drupal community to do it for you for a reasonable price.
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Well, it needs to be free.. but as far as integration is concerned, Drupal 5.x does not yet support the event module.

The team is me. My skill is HTML, CSS and some php.. I am learning RoR.

I am good at taking something and fitting in to a site, but I am not good at actually building that something.
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Ah, I'd assumed that the even module would have been updated by now. It does look like the Drupal-5 version is under active development (commits three times in the last week).
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If you're already running, Drupal, I'd just wait for them to get the module together. I wrote a very simple PHP/MySQL event lister called showlister that might work for you. It's mostly used by bands to keep show calendars and it's dead simple to hack into an existing design. It's not multi-user and not fancy, but a lot of people find it useful.
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you could ask your brother to write it.
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