Google question and Minneapolis question.
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Need help with Google Fu. Bonus for help finding a specific bus stop in Minneapolis (actually Edina)

How do I google for layouts or diagrams of specific buildings? When I look for 'map', I just get maps showing me the location of the specific place I'm looking for, but not a layout of the building itself. The malls all have maps inside to show you where to go. It seems like they must have these posted somewhere on the web, don't they?

Right now, I'm looking for a map of the Southdale mall. I need both inside and outside so I can tell what store I should be outside of to catch the 515 bus (runs between Southdale and 54th St.) The Metro Transit directions from SouthWest Transit drop off site to Route 515 pickup site are rather cryptic: "Walk a short distance SW on Mc-266 Southdale Ent 66st/dre. Walk straight on Mc-282 Southdale Layover To Sh. Walk approx. 1 block SW on Mc-282 Southdale Layover To Sh. Total walking is 0.13 miles. "
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Thanks for finding the layout fidelity !! What did you google on to find this ?? When I google on "map southdale" all I get is location of mall, not layout.
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I googled "Southdale Mall Edina MN" which let me know its proper name is Southdale Shopping Center, and when I googled that, the site was the first result.
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duh. thanks fidelity.
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They should have a info desk in the big wide open space in middle of the joint where you can ask, but...

I know specifically there's a bus shelter outside that is in between JCPenney and the empty anchor store that used to be Mervyns. You can barely see it on that little map.

If you google maps 6901 France Ave S, Edina, MN, you'll get the mall. Zoom in on hybrid view and you'll see that you need to be on the York Ave. side on the northern side of the building attached to the mall with the whiter top (empty anchor).
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