What's the best wifi PCI card for Windows 2000?
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Which PCI wireless networking adapters have the best (meaning fastest and most lightweight) drivers and software for Windows 2000?

I can't upgrade to XP, and I've found the software that manufacturers package for Windows 2000 tends to be utter crap. So, I'm looking for a higher quality wireless adapter (needless to say, it's for a desktop machine).

I currently have a LinkSys WMP11, and I hate it because of its software. I've tried the Netgear WM111 USB adapter, but their software also caused major issues (it would frequently lock the system completely, mouse included, for 3-5 minutes).

The only good wireless experience I've had in W2K is with my Dell laptop, and that's because of Intel's driver/software package. They don't sell any PCI wireless adapters, unfortunately.

The desktop machine is aging, at approximately 5-6 years old, but it runs great when I disable any wireless devices.
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Sounds like your machine could do with a RAM upgrade instead.
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...and a reinstallation of Windows 2000. Or try out a Linux Live CD and see what kind of performance you get.
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Make sure W2K is up to date -- non-storage USB functionality, esp. network and HID, becomes much better with later service packs.

I'm all for Intel adapters -- they just seem to work. You have a workaround if you want to use an Intel PCMCIA1 card -- a PCMCIA to PCI adapter.

Note: Product selected came up first on a Google Search. This isn't a recommendation, this is an example.

1) People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms.
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Response by poster: I'm certain it's a problem with the software itself., but I'll look into the RAM issue. The device itself (both ones listed) work great under Linux.

I like the PCMCIA < --> PCI adapter idea, but the cost might be the limiting factor there.
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