What are some good standing/walking all-day shoes?
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What are some good standing/walking all-day shoes (8 hours worth of standing and/or walking around the office? I work in a sign production office, so there's a lot of basically standing working on projects on the table or walking around getting various supplies and operating printers, etc. all day. Really no sitting down at all. They need to be no more than $100 and go great with jeans. I like the bowling shoe or puma look. Not a big fan of Nike running shoes with jeans look. Maybe some Crocs?
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eccos. You definitely want something a bit more flat and not curved like a running (constant forward momentum) shoe.
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I work in a wood shop, so there's nothing but standing, and I've been a big fan of Shoes For Crews ( ) They are designed for restuarant workers, who know a thing or two about being on your feet all day... Seriously, I have essentially stopped the serious back and leg pain I used to get. It still hurts at the end of the day, but it's nothing that a ten minute sit down doesn't take care of!
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I am a fan of Born shoes.
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Seconding Shoes for Crews. I work in a restaurant and never sit at work. They are designed specifally for being on your feet for long periods of time (lots of extra padding and support).

They come in a wide variety of styles, many of which look very nice. I think the most expensive style runs about $55.

Not affiliated with SFC, just a happy customer.
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Shoes for nurses, perhaps? Crocs are very popular (and cheap!), followed by, in no particular order, Plogs, Dansko, Nike Shox (too expensive), your favorite tennis shoe fitted with custom orthotics (too expensive), Z-Coils (ridiculous-looking and too expensive) and so on... I think the Dansko clogs are among the more-stylish-looking of the bunch.
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Shoes for Crews are great - I had some when I worked at Arby's in high school and, while mine looked like old man shoes (they were doubtless the $29.99 pair, as they were supplied by my boss), they were wonderfully comfy.

If you don't want to do that, you might take a look at Superfeet - they're an orthotic (non-custom) that still gives you lots of support and comfort at a lower price than those that are made for you. I know that they have them at places like REI, and I think that they're $20 or so.
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I haven't tried them myself, but I've heard lots of good things about Earth shoes. The ones I've seen run around $100, and quite a few styles have the bowling shoe look to them. Some reviews here.
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I love my hiking boots. They're not the cutest, but ankle support rules. I wear them almost daily with jeans and they're gonna be around for three or four years by the time I move on.
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I'm on my feet all day and wear Asics Gel whatever are on sale, or Mephistos when I want to look fashionable. Zappos has the best shoe shopping and free shipping.
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Yes, get you some crocs. Zappos has good prices.
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I used to wear Bierkenstocks when standing most of the day at the circulation desk, but Crocs are even lighter, still support my fallen arches and don't need to be polished. Both work well for me.
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Keen shoes are the best I've found. I've worn both the boots and sandals while working in retail management. They last forever and make your feet feel great. If you're checking out the website try the "Blvd" category for shoes good for working (and biking!).
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Earth shoes. I wear mine around the house when I am cooking and cleaning instead of slippers. They are like what furtive was touting for the ecos, only have a negative heel instead of a flat one -- its odd at first, but becomes so very wonderful on your legs and feet. They make me enjoy standing and look forward to walking.
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I like Dansko clogs a lot. Crocs are a great value, and they're pretty durable. I'm also a big fan of Arcopedico shoes, although they're fairly hideous to look upon.
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I'm on my feet for that amount of time each day, too. I've sworn by my Birks for years (The Florida style sandal and wool or cotton socks at work. I'm a total hippy, I know.). Pondering trying Crocs next time from all the good personal reviews I've gotten from former Birk wearers.

Neither are the "prettiest," but I love the arch support and toe room.

Also, thanks to all of you for these suggestions. Comfy shoes are one of my highest priorites, and it's good to know about other options.
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I really like my Eccos. They constrain foot movement a bit compared to running shoes but at the end of the day my feet end up feeling better than had I been in running shoes all day.
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I second Keens.
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I can vouch for the ECCO shoes recommended a couple of times earlier. I've been running around in a pair of ECCO men's business shoes for months now and found them to be very comfortable, and a female friend who teaches in several different locations (so she's on her feet all day) loves hers.

Here's a page for finding a local store that carries them.
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Dansko. I wore them exclusively while waitressing and bartending and they made a huge difference. Plus they have many nice styles.
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While the ladies on Grey's Anatomy seem to be all about the Crocs, they are hot (the Crocs, I mean), have no arch support, and won't hold a gel insert or similar very well.

The Nile (open-toed) model has slightly better support, but I don't think you want your toes unprotected in a print shop. The Crocs clogs aren't going to protect you from a falling x-acto or box of heavy things, either.

I have a pair of Keen nubuck slides that are not very attractive (with jeans, they are least awkward-looking) but treat my feet right.
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I'm gonna veer off the path of my peers here, and actually suggest a pair of Sketchers.

No, don't scroll by yet. Really, I'm serious!

These are what I wear from day to day, between office job and stand-around-and-hustle retail. They're comfy as hell, with just enough arch support that I haven't pulled an arch in months, and they're pretty damn cute too. I can wear them at a business casual office, because they look kind of dressy as flats, but the sole is all grippy tenner.

These I have in basic black suede; they treat my feet well, and all but disappear with what I'm wearing. The heels are thick and cushy - nice shock absorption.

As always, YMMV.
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There is only one answer to this question. Doc Martens.
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Fourth the Eccos. They're incredibly comfortable, as long as they fit, of course. For me, they're better than any other brand. The only pair I have that I don't like are my wingtip style, and that's just because they're too big. Oops.

Shoes For Crews do have this awesome non-slip sole, which is great for restaurant work, where the floor may be covered in grease and water half the day, but I absolutely despised the waffle pattern when my roommates would come home with gunk in their shoes, leaving an enormous amount of crud on the floor. Also, their uppers aren't very durable, they always wear out long before the sole.
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I've had great success with Rockport. I use their XCS line and have yet to find an match in comfort or durablility for the price. I also like the "bowling shoe" style and the price is within your requirements.

Rockport Jafaru

Rockport Colfax

Rockport Inbound

Good luck
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Earthshoes, with the negative heel, are only a little over $100 and are the best walking/standing shoes this hulking, flat-footed clod has ever worn.
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I taught full-day classes in years in my Docs, with and without my orthotics, and I'm ready to buy another pair, so that's another vote for them.
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GREAT success with Rockport ProWalkers, very comfortable and they last forever....
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Whatever you do, DON'T buy your shoes online; at least, not without trying them on (and walking around in them) in the store.

That said, I developed plantar fasciitis and the only shoes to provide me comfort were Dansko clogs (the "professional" line are the best). I wore them as my sole piece of footwear for over a year. There's nothing like them. They're just a tad over your budget, but wearing them day after day showed no wear on them at all. They'll literally last you longer than any other pair of shoes. [store locator]

In my retail days, I wore HH Brown boots -- they were the only footwear I owned that kept me from really experiencing foot pain, no matter how long I was on my feet. They were really expensive -- $150 at Nordstrom back in the early 90s? But they were worth the dent in my paycheck. [store locator]
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I'm with Adelwolf on the Sketchers. I have three pairs that I wear when working retail, and all of them are great.
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3rd for Keens for "out of the box" comfort, and a suggestion:

Find a pair of shoes you like the looks of, then check out a set of "sole orthotics"
They are orthotic insoles that you heat in the oven that custom mold to your feet. They have saved me on many a day of waitressing. They aren't nearly as expensive as regular custom orthotics (less than $50 compared to $300+) and you can swap them between shoes.
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Whatever you get, consider getting a pair of Superfeet inserts - custom made to your feet. Small, local outdoor shops sometimes have a foot specialist that can gin up some custom footbeds in about an hour. A pair of these made my nominally-comfortable hiking boots into a pair that I literally wore for four days straight - driving, scrambling, hiking 10 mi/ day.
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I recently bought a pair of Merrell "Mocs" for a trip (I think it was the "Jungle Moc Leather" style). I wore them just about every day for three weeks, and spent four or five hours each day walking around in a big city. They are very comfortable, and my personal fashion advisor says they look good with jeans.

The only bad part about them is that for the first week or so, the inside of the shoe really grabbed my sock while I was putting on the shoe, which gave me toe wedgies for the first 10 or 15 minutes I was wearing them.

I got them at Nordstrom's for about $75 US. I also tried the Eccos, which I didn't find to be very comfortable at all, and the Mephisto, which was a bit better than the Merrells, but a lot more expensive.
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Love the Dansko's too. They're expensive but will last forever and are comfortable for lots of standing/walking. And they have a lot of cool styles and colors.
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Mephisto. Very expensive but very comfortable.
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I love my Campers. Well-made (though expensive) and stylish.
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Merrell makes a lot of very comfortable but office appropriate shoes. I recently bought these Mary Janes and am in love. They also have shoes in a sort of bowling style and lots of other looks as well.

I know that these are a little higher than your price range, but I'm in the process of saving up to get a pair of Dansko Professionals. They are about $115 and all of my friends who have pairs love them to death and say they are worth every penny. Many of these friends have jobs where they are walking around a lot, so I trust their opinion.

Crocs are very comfy, but the only color I would wear to work is black. I have a pair of light blue ones I wear around as slippers and they are nice and cushy.
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Danskos are like hard slippers.
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Eccos. Definitely.

BTW, despite conventional wisdom, good shoes don't have to be "broken in." They should feel good from day one. The first day I wore my Eccos, they were perfectly comfortable and at the end of the day my feet felt great!
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I meant Aerosoles
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After years of trial and error with oily skin I’ve personally found a combination that works. :) I cleanse with a sulfur soap - they make expensive ones but my favorite is a pretty strong bar soap that I pick up at my local Mexican grocery store. Then I moisturize with an oil free product - I like Avena, this is necessary as the sulfur soap dries my face out a ton, and smells a little odd. In the mornings I use a gentler cleanser or which hazel. On particular pimples I put pure tea tree oil - but don’t do that if your skin is sensitive, it’ll burn! But for me it works fantastic. :)
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Ooops! Too many tabs open. Sorry! :)
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