How do coffee-shop tips get distributed?
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Coffee shop tip jars. Do employees actually see that money or is it just dumped in the till at the end of the night? (expecting a variety of answers)
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When i was a barista i split tips 50/50 with whoever i was on shift with, even if it was my manager (and people were usually tipping with him in mind, not me). I was at a franchise shop. Not sure if the practice is different at independent shops where everyone is paid under the table, or where the owner works many of the shifts.
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The sandwich shop I worked at in college had a tip jar. Each shift, it got emptied and split among the departing staffers.

I've never heard of a place that kept the tips. That's just evil (unless, of course, the only employees are the owners, in which case I guess it's OK).
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Barista's tips are very important. Last time I worked a coffeeshop, I added $3 - $4/hr to my wage with them, sometimes more. I actually cleared more than I make in an office now. Of course the work was:


...if you get me. And it irks me that Border's doesn't allow tips in their café. My local Border's barista's are the BEST. Good people, good friends.
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I have never heard of a coffeeshop that did such a thing as dump the tip jar into the till. For good cause -- they'd find themselves without any employees in no time.

When I worked at a coffee stand, I kept all of the money. When I worked at an indoor, restaurant-style coffee bar, I split the tips with everybody on shift, including the cook.
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yeah, we split it among the counter staff and bussers--although the morning shift divvied it up differently compared to the evening shift. It was everybody's gas money/pocket change.
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For what it's worth, me too. I worked at a pizza joint before and during college, and the tips were split among the staff at the end of each shift. At least another hour or two's worth of loot. Another job in college was kind of similar (though harder to explain), and again, we all split the tips among the guys manning the jars.
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