Fado Singers
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Wow! I just listened to Amalia Rodrigues for the first time. So who can recommend some other great Fado singers?
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Someone light the Cardoso beacon.
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Mariza is supposed to be one of the best of the younger singers.
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You might try here.
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Cesaria Evora.
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I like Mafalda Arnauth.
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what's fado?
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here's a simple explanation, callme
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Check out Madredeus. In addition to their traditional fado recordings, they have a remix album where their recordings were combined with electronic beats added by DJs. I'm not sure what a fado purist would think about that, possibly they'd consider it sacrilege, but in my opinion the results are gorgeous.
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Another vote for Mariza here.

Her style is perfectly authentic, and she doesn't try to put herself before her music, she's great.
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I just put up some Madredeus tracks on my mp3 blog: they're truly wonderful. (And yes, ask Miguel - he's the one who tuned me in to both Amalia and M. [Well, him and my fado-obssessed father.])
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rdr: The very best fado singers, imho, apart from Amália Rodrigues, are Alfredo Marceneiro, Carlos Ramos and the guitarrist Carlos Paredes (all dead), Argentina Santos, João Ferreira Rosa and the guitarrists António Chaínho and Fontes Rocha (older generation), Camané and Ana Sofia Varela (younger generation). There are dozens of outstanding old and new fadistas singing nightly in the clubs which have never been properly recorded.

Mísia, Mariza, Cristina Branco and Mafalda Arnauth are the best modernizers, though their style is still well within the fado tradition.

99% of Fado recordings on the international market are very old, very badly recorded bootlegs, reassembled with different covers. Beware - they're truly bad. Fado is extremely difficult to record. Trust only two big labels: EMI Portugal, by far the best, and Universal/PolyGram.

P.S. Madredeus is actually very modern music, the creation of (one of my best friends) Pedro Ayres Magalhães. Cesária Évora, though we all think of her as Portuguese, is unmistakably from Cabo Verde. I agree with all the suggestions in the thread - in fact I'm quite amazed (and proud!) people here are so savvy about Portuguese music. :)
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What Madredeus disc I should get first?
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