UK music subscriptions from the US?
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As an American, can I subscribe to UK music subscription services (Napster, etc)?

I'm interested in Napster UK, but I live in America and I know that music stores are a bit funny about letting foreigners partake. Is there any way I can subscribe to the UK Napster versus the US service? And what other UK-based subscription services are out there? Bonus points, of course, if there's a way for me to subscribe.
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Don't know the answer but just curious what the UK version of Napster offers that the US version doesn't.
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The content (music offered) differs per region.
I used to be a UK Napster subscriber and hated the fact that a lot of music I liked was only offered in the US region. The UK Napster website doesn't (or at least last time I checked) allow you to search without signing up.

I also found that tracks would be removed more frequently from the UK content servers than the US ones. This was OK if you purchased tracks individually, but if you subscribed to the "per-month" Napster plan, tracks would suddenly stop playing.

I couldn't sign up to the US service without a credit card registered to a US address - I would assume the inverse is true (no UK signups without a UK credit card).

Sorry, hope it helped though.

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