Is there a good speedtest tool you can host on IIS?
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Is there a free or inexpensive package for self-hosting a bandwidth speed test on an IIS 6 server?

Hey gang.
I take care of a variety of windows networks, and would like to add a web-based tool to some of the sites so that remote users of Terminal Services etc can test their real bandwith against their main server.
We've all used them, but hosting your own can create better pictures of what performance users can expect.

So far searches have either turned up great tools that charge huge amounts to license their perfect speedtest code.
or are written in PHP (awesome! but it would be tough to sell our team on installing another language on the SBS server for 1 small tool)

I'm sure there must be a cheap/free downloadable self-hostable speedtest package suitable for the IIS web server environment? (flash, ASP or ASP.NET would be perfect)
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I dont know anyting about this but ive come across tptest a few times. You might want to check it out at
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