Where in Edinburgh do I take a heavily pregnant hen?
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Hen afternoon/evening activities in Edinburgh for an 8-month pregnant bride-to-be and about 20 friends?

Obviously, the condition of the hen rules out white water rafting/getting riotously drunk. Suggestions so far have included a picnic on the beach (but that would need a wet weather alternative...this’ll be in May), and a cruise up the Forth. I used to live in Edinburgh so have an idea of the geography, but I left about 10 years ago, so am out of touch on what activities are available. Oh, and I’m arranging this from the Falkland Islands, so bonus points for things I can check out online. (I do have an accomplice in Edinburgh who can help, but as the bridesmaid, I’ve offered to kick things off).
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Best answer: Inchcolm?

Bonus points if you see the killer whales.
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How difficult is the bride finding it to walk/stand for a while? If she's not absolutely huge/having twins etc and can walk without too much difficulty, I've heard good things about the Ghost Tours.
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Musselburgh has race meetings scheduled for the 4th and 21st of May. And the officially-best ice cream on earth is just down the road from there.
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Edinburgh is well supplied with good museums and art galleries for a wet day: National Museum of Scotland, Gallery of Modern Art, National Gallery etc. The museums themselves are well supplied with interesting cafes - and with a wonderfully located restaurant in the case of the Museum of Scotland. All good wet weather options.

I'd second the idea of a cruise on Maid of the Forth to Incholm - you could also try a short train excursion over the bridge to, say, Aberdour or south to North Berwick.

You could try taking everybody to a spa.

and finally the new Royal Infirmary has a program of interesting guest art work if you find yourself there.
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Plaisir du Chocolat has a lovely afternoon tea and you can arrange to go downstairs and learn how to make chocolate with the french dude down there -- it was a really nice afternoon and the food was great.
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