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I'm looking for coupons and rebates for prescription drugs from the drug manufacturing companies.

After the doctor gave me a mail-in rebate form for one of my Grandmother's prescriptions (I care for her), it occurred to me that probably many of the drug manufacturers have coupons and/or rebates. So, I started doing a little digging. It looks like some forms are only available from the doctor, but some are available right online.

There are several programs for people who don't have ANY prescription coverage, but sometimes the copays can be a real hardship for those how do have coverage, but a high copay. So, I'm just trying to find a little relief and hoping to help others with this in the process.

I'll start the ball rolling with what I've found so far...

The one that the doctor gave me was for Actos (up to $50); there was information on the website, but you have to get the form from the doctor.

Adderall XR (free 30-day supply)

Detrol LA (up to $20)

Prevacid (up to $75 or 3 months total)

Vytorin (up to $30)
Form says “Oklahoma Blue Cross”, but Terms look okay for other states and doesn’t look Blue Cross Specific

So, if you have any help in this area, please post accordingly. I'll be grateful for all suggestions/links/coupons/links that you can give.
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From GlaxoSmithKline's website, here are some savings programs and ideas. Most of the medicines listed have one month free trial offers that you can print out and take to the pharmacy with a prescription. There are also other programs that your grandmother may qualify for, depending on her age, income, and level of insurance. There's also a toll-free number you can call to talk to with a qualified representative who may be able to provide you with more details and other offers that might not be as well advertised.

You should call around to a few of the larger pharmaceutical companies, too, as all have similar savings programs and may be able to give you some special offers, savings, or ideas.

Note/disclosure: I am a GlaxoSmithKline employee.
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Just go to the websites of the drugs you take, that's what I do. You can often find coupons or "progams" to join.

For some of the meds, you send the company proof that you bought the drug and how much you paid for it, and they'll send you a check for $X. Those are the ones to look for.

Other places will send you a coupon that you're supposed to give the pharmacist when you pay. That's great, but my drugs are mail-order only, and they don't accept coupons like that (as far as I know). So, those kinds of deals may not be as helpful.
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Nuvaring has a first-month-free coupon on their webpage here.
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It should be noted that these are only valid in the US.
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Google Patient Assistance Programs. All the major Pharma companies have programs for low-income adults so that you can get free meds, often for a year at a time, either sent to you directly or to your doctor's office.

You should also make sure to ask the doctor if there are generic alternatives: these coupons exist solely to get patients to switch over to brand name, on-patent drugs, when often generics do just fine.

Also, most Pharma companies have a "me-too" drug in one of the big categories: cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) for example--if you get in with one Patient Assistance Program company, it's less paperwork if you get as many drugs as possible from one program.

Also, WalMart, KMart, and I think Target are all going to $4 generics for a ton of common meds.
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