A number plate worth cherishing?
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Does anyone have experience with buying, selling or swapping UK "cherished reg" car number plates?

I have a 15-year-old car that I am thinking about retiring. For no especial reason it has a number plate that is the letter J, a single digit (not "1") and then TES.

When I bought the car, the dealer gave me a certificate that valued the reg at £497. But the reg never really mattered to me. It just happened to be on the car that I bought.

Now that I am thinking about retiring the car, I see that, according to websites, this reg might be worth upward of £2000. If that's the case, it's probably worth more than twice what the car is.

But how much might the reg be worth to me?

Has anyone had experience of selling a number plate through one of these services? How much do they really pay you if they're selling your plate? I can't imagine there's a ready market for this, because you can have an E-reg for (still) about £500. But vanity is an odd thing.

I was also thinking about moving the reg to the replacement car; it looks like that can be done for £80, but I guess then I need a number plate for the old car if I want to sell it for anything. I wonder what this whole exercise would cost.

You can also "park" a reg off car for £110. I guess that's what people do who want to sell the plate without the car. Is this sensible?

I am wondering if this whole universe is worth entering. I've always been mystified that this is potentially such a big business.
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I friend of mine just bought a very cheap car on eBay UK just to get the number plate. If you're thinking of retiring the car, maybe you could sell it on eBay and call special attention to the plate. Kill two birds with one stone.
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