How can I identify this hallmark?
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I'm trying to identify a platinum hallmark for an elderly friend, but she lives far away so I can't actually see it (it's on a ring) or take it to a jeweller. Maybe the hive mind can identify it, or lead me to a site that can? It's a double-headed eagle with the letters 'P' and 'M' underneath, and she thinks it's European.
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My google-fu turned up this - do they look like anything here? (even one that you could identify as a close approximation of what you're looking for)
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An eagle appears to French and there is an example here of a double stamped one
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PM is the makers mark, and is listed as unidentified here and the double headed eagle might be the Imperial Court Silversmith Imperial Cypher
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A double headed eagle is the Russian imperial eagle.
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Or the Albanian flag, or a Byzantine emblem...
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