Photographer in Boston
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Trying to find a photographer in Boston to do personal photos - just to be vain

I want to know if anyone has used any professional photographers in BOSTON, or non-professional but does a damn good job, that they really liked?

Something along these lines:

I want them to be able to air brush and be reasonably priced. Any suggestions?
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Allison Perkel's work is amazing.
posted by jesourie at 11:42 PM on January 30, 2007

Kelly Davidson.
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Give Sid a call. He's in Nashua, NH but that's less than an hour from Boston - and he might even come to you if you ask nicely!
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I used to work with Andrew Swaine (he's primarily responsible for giving the covers for Stuff @ Night and the Improper their looks. I don't know what "affordable" means, since one person's affordable is another's outrageous, but Andy's a really easy guy to talk to, so you can always call him up and ask.
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A good friend, Michael J. Charles, is an amazing photographer based in Dorchester.
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A good friend of mine Helene Norton-Russell does great work. She did the photography for Emotional Armor and does many personal shoots. She's based in Allston.
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Best answer: Jesse Gladin-Kramer Lots of experience. Up and coming.

Check out the galleries on her website.
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Tom Fitzgerald also does great work.
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Try my friend Michael. Unbelievably creative. Also a musician and videographer.
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I second Helene Norton-Russell. Her website is gorgeous.
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