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How do I batch convert a bunch of word documents into PDF files, using Automator (in OS X?)

I'm stumped.
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Without applescript, I think you'd need Adobe Acrobat. If you have acrobat (full version) you'd have the Acrobat PDF printer installed.

Then, you'd make an automator action that looks like this:

Selected Finder Items
Print to (Acrobat PDF)

Then you'd just hit the run button.
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Use this free app: Text to PDF Converter
(version 2.1 does Word docs, too)

It supports drag and drop, so just select all the docs you want to convert and drag them onto the program's icon.
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Also, just noticed that the program installs an Automator action, so after installing it, you CAN still use Automator if you want to...
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Mac OS X prints natively to PDF, which ought to bar the need for Acrobat or similar software. Although a look through Automator reveals a sore lack of that usual functionality.

A Google for "print to pdf" and automator yielded this site: http://www.macgeekery.com/gspot/2005-12/how_to_mass-print_to_pdf

Here's the meat:
1. Make a PDF printer using these instructions or by setting up CUPS-PDF (there's a package for Mac OS X on my site) [author referring to the macgeekery.com site].

2. Open Automator and add the following two actions:
1. Get Selected Finder Items
2. Print Finder Items (select the PDF printer)
3. Save this as a Finder plug-in called "Print to PDF"
4. Select the files and control-click on them and under Automator, choose the "Print to PDF" item.

I haven't tried this, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
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