Window Air Conditioner Installation
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I need to install a window air conditioner in a casement window. (The kind that cranks open sideways, instead of sliding up and down) If you've ever done this, I would appreciate your thoughts. I do know I need to buy a special model AC.
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I installed an AC unit in my parents' casement window many moons ago. Fortunately the window was high in the wall and cranked out from the bottom. The only solution there was to remove the window itself (I think I just unscrewed the hinge) and cut a piece of plywood to fill the hole around the standard sized AC. Not a terribly pretty sight but once painted it was a bit better.

The house I live in now has side opening casement windows in the bedroom like you mention. I was looking around for a solution last year and found none. I ended up buying a free standing portable unit that has a hose you can run out to a double hung window, which we have in our closet.

I've seen AC units advertised for casement windows, but they still don't seem to account for the "dead space" above a tall window.
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Two solutions I have seen used were to either replace the whole window or install the unit in the wall.
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My dad purchased this one at Wal-Mart, which seems to also have a high-window extension kit.
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And now I just realized you said it cranks, not slides, so I don't know if that will do you any good at all. Oops!
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