Breakfast in Miami
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We'll have a short morning in Miami. Where would we find a good vegetarian breakfast, pref. near the airport?

We'll be flying in late on a Friday, and heading straight to a hotel right by the airport. The next morning we pick up a rental car, and we have condo reservations in Key West. However, this might be our only time in Miami, and we'd like to at least have breakfast somewhere interesting. Has to have good vegetarian food, and it would be nice if it were around the airport.

But, if we end up straying from the airport, is there anything else we MUST DO before heading out of town for KW?
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Coral Gables is pretty close to the airport; you might find something there.

Keep in mind the typical Miami sights are generally in Miami Beach, which, though not really far from the airport, will take quite a long time to get there and back just from traffic congestion. Unless you're willing to kill 2-3 hours driving around, I'd stick close to the airport and get on the Turnpike as early as possible. Traffic headed to KW on a Saturday morning will be pretty heavy, too, so it may take four hours to get there from the airport.

Have fun. Wish I was going.
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Good to know (re: traffic). We will want to get to the keys as early as possible. Just trying to avoid the dreaded continental breakfast!
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nothing is springing to mind. If you want interesting, you might want to come to South Beach. It's about 20 minutes drive from MIA airport. The Icebox Cafe on Lincoln Rd has good vegetarian food, if I recall correctly. A bit pricey, though. Also Books & Books, on Lincoln Rd or in Coral Gables which would be more on your way to the Keys. One of the best places for breakfast in Miami is on South Beach too - Big Pink. The menu is extensive, and so you could definitely find a vegetarian breakfast. It's also open almost 24 hours, so you'd definitely find it open. It's slightly south of the real South Beach action (Lincoln & Ocean are the two main drags) though. Calle Ocho (Little Havana) isn't far from the airport and may have good breakfasts, I'm not sure. The old standby is Versailles, and they do have Cuban breakfast food, though I'm not sure how veg it would be besides the pastelitos.

If you like Mexican breakfast, you could just head to the Keys in the morning, and about 45 minutes into your trip (depending on time of day & day of week) you'd hit Homestead, which has arguably the best (only good?) Mexican food in FL.

Once you're in Key West, though, you should definitely check out the Creperie on Duval. Delicious breakfast, lots of veg options - should be right up your alley.
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Also, the Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Dr in South Beach should have some good, cheap veg options, even though it's in the most touristy area of South Beach.
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Amizu- A 20 minute drive to South Beach is about right, but then you have to deal with the traffic and congestion of the Beach itself. Plus, once you're done finding the restaurant, parking, eating, and going back to the car, you're going to run into worse traffic just heading back to the airport/turnpike.

Yes, South Beach is the perfect place to head for breakfast. But it's also a big pain in the butt to drive around and will kill lots of time.

Tr33hgr - if you truly want to get to the Keys 'as early as possible', skip going to South Beach. You can get on the Turnpike near the airport and stop somewhere on your way down. I love Miami Beach, and lived there for 5 years, but it just doesn't make sense for your situation.
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South Beach will be a nightmare to get into and out of on a saturday morning, not to mention that it is way out of your way. Also, do not go to the mexican places in homestead. It is supposed to be fantastic mexican food, but very authentic. By authentic, I mean lard in the beans, lard in the tortillas, etc. You'll find meat-free options but not vegetarian options (I learned the hard way).

If you want a real authentic Miami experience near the airport, go to Versailles . It is right on Calle Ocho will provide a real taste of Miami culture.
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You're all awesome. Thanks!
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South Beach might be a nightmare but I think planning 2 hours from the airport to Sobe to break some yummy fast and then get back to the airport is a reasonable estimate. It's worth it, if it will be your only chance to see Miami Beach / South Beach. I'd say go for it.

I'd hit the News Cafe. It's one of the best brunches I've ever had. In fact, on a recent trip to Miami, we went twice in two days(!)
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