How do you get around the voice quality degradation that bittorrent causes Vonage?
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Anybody here use both Vonage and a bit torrent client? Any ideas on how to get around the incredible voice quality degredation that BT apparently causes?

I actually found what looks like a solution here, I just don't know enough about routers to be able to implement it. What is QoS? Does the Vonage-supplied router (netgear RP114) have it? How do I assign a port to Vonage and give it high priority?
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I'm surprised there isn't a bittorrent client that lets you throttle it's download speed (what you really want to do), have you checked?

Failing that, you could use netlimiter to control the download/upload speed of any particular application.
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Try Shadow's Experimental Bit Torrent Client. It's got a throttle and I've never had a problem with it.
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I plugged my linksys router INTO my voice box. Now it seems that when I use the phone it grabs the bandwidth it needs from what my computers are using, no problem. When I had the phone box plugged into the router it would have to compete for the bandwidth.
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Cool. I have problems with Bit Torrent at home. I think it sucks up so much bandwidth the cable modem can no longer tell it's online and shuts down. Most mornings I have to go reset the modem. I've been considering moving to this router because there's an open-source firmware (not from Linksys, obviously) that allows you to do QoS, traffic shaping, etc.
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There are many BitTorrent clients that let you throttle. My personal favorite client is BitSpirit.
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QoS stands for "quality of service" - trying to guarantee certain minimal levels of various parameters (in your case you need a certain minimum bandwidth and maximum latency, for voice, i would guess).
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TorrentStorm is very good, too, and you can set limits globally or per file.
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