What's a good easy to use online store builder?
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My cousin and her husband would like to set up an online store for selling childrens' clothes, shoes, etc.. They are based in the UK and have very minimal technical know-how.

Yahoo's "Merchant Solutions" (here) looks ideal, but it's not clear how suitable it would be for someone outside the US. Is it? Or is there a UK equivalent that anyone could recommend?
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Have they looked into selling things through eBay.co.uk?
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You might try WebFusion. They offer e-commerce software from Actinic.
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Shopify is easy to set up, although UK-friendly payment provider options were slightly limited last time I looked.
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Try CafePress. It's sort of community store front for folks who want to market their own creations. Might be a good springboard for you.
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I used ecrater for my online business, and really liked them. It's totally free and they allow for customization of your store templates. I always got very quick answers for my questions. I do not know if their services are available in the UK.
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malevolent: Shopify does support PayPal which is very UK friendly (or, at least, it did when my girlfriend set up a store!)
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It's pretty easy to set up a store through Yahoo - something else to consider.
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OK, thanks everybody. If Paypal works just fine in the UK (and payment options would seem to be the biggest thing tying any of these solutions to a country), then the Yahoo store is probably best - by which I mean easiest.
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